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How To Dress in Vegas if You’re a Guy


How To Dress in Vegas if You’re a Guy

Planning a trip to Vegas? Whether you’re an experienced poker player or just an occasional slot machine guy, you’re probably wondering what clothes to bring on your trip to look appropriate in a casino, by the pool, or at a concert, etc. Why gamble on your style? LittlePinkTop is here to help! 

Most casinos don’t have official dress codes, but take into account that some venues inside might. The daytime dress code is usually more relaxed, and you might even notice people wearing shorts and T-shirts. However, you are always free to class it up a little bit, which might help you to feel in a “winning” mood. At night, many people change into something more formal. So if you are leaning into smart casual more than everyone else during the day, you’ll just be ready in advance for the evening.

LittlePinkTop put together a specific outfit for you, which consists of a light blue T-shirt (2 options provided) and dark blue jeans, in addition to a blazer and pair of fancier loafers that will help to class it up when needed. See the look below!

(Disclosure: This outfit is assembled from affiliate partners, so if you buy something using our links, we may earn a commission.)

Your Curated Vegas Look

Photo from Ted Baker
Photo from Zappos
Photo from Zappos
Photo from Zappos

As you may notice right away, the T-shirts are pretty casual, which is fine because it gives you the ability to quickly dress down if you are in a situation where that is needed, such as walking down the Strip. As for the cotton blazer with light blue tree prints, it could be a good add-on depending on your venue or the time of year. It looks stylish but not stiff, with a relaxed indoor but especially outdoor feel.

If you are somewhat suggestible, a thematically-appropriate graphic tee might help you a lot in Vegas. So, the peaceful blue tee above with dice depicted on it seems very appropriate. Besides, it’s also light and breathable, which will help you survive that desert heat.

If you want to express more personality, go for the Coyote Rider T-shirt in light blue, also showcased above. It has a desert feel and “Stay Wild” motto that captures the spirit of Vegas.

To make sure you have all the luck you need, get a pair of jeans from the American apparel company Lucky Brand. The dark blue jeans above would pair well with those graphic tees. They are tapered, meaning they are narrower at the bottom. If you are short, not short on money, I mean height here, you may prefer this cut as it’s said to give a taller appearance and silhouette. (For other tips related to this body type or concern, check out the LittlePinkTop article “Menswear for Shorter Gentlemen.”)

Breathable yet classy mesh shoes would be an excellent choice for desert weather. They have a slip-on style, meaning you can head from the poker table to the pool in your resort with ease. The rubber traction outsole might help keep you from slipping if you’ve had one too many. (Stay safe!)

And since it’s particularly hot in Vegas right now, you can swap those pants for more breezy options, like this pair of navy blue shorts. They are just the right length and will go really well with the rest of the outfit.

Photo from Zappos

And if you travel light and want your swimming shorts to work as a part of an outfit, here’s a pair that will pass as such:

Photo from Zappos

Evening Look

For your evening wear, you may want to swap out your shirt for a button-down! Those graphic tees will serve you well during the noon sun but maybe you want to show off your winnings when you hit the town.

Photo from Zappos

This designer button-down could help with that goal, and the spades card design shows you’re all about that Vegas luck. To LittlePinkTop’s knowledge, there are no games in which the shirt would count as an actual card, though. And guess what? Those mesh shoes are featured above in blue, but they are also available in white, so there is a way to go for a mostly white look that helps to deflect the evening sun. Great if you don’t want to show up sweaty to the club. Or maybe you just consider yourself to be the next Tom Wolfe… though isn’t Vegas more of a Hunter S. Thompson destination? Never mind!

A Tan Fabric, Whiskey-Sipping Look

LittlePinkTop is all about styling you just right, so here is another outfit that offers a tan fabric, whiskey-sipping sort of look!

Photo from Barroco
Photo from Zappos
Photo from Barroco
Photo from Barroco
Photo from Born

The fedora straw hat will draw attention if your goal in Vegas is to meet new friends at parties, but unlike other peacocking headwear, this hat is actually rather dignified.

See Also

While we’re playing with these light tanned colors, you might also choose the “Bron Stripe” polo above, which is color-coordinated and made of a fabric that’s described as “lightweight and breathable.” Since it’s a polo, it has that perfect smart-casual balance.

We’ll pair that with some cream-colored trousers, which are made out of linen – again, an ideal fabric for hot weather. The leather belt above will help to ensure a good fit and class the outfit up. As Barocco’s website points out, between the leather, streamlined aesthetic, and double braided loop, this belt can really “add polish to any casual ensemble.”

Finally, with the total color scheme in mind, we’ve picked out some sandals you can slip in and out of, which are a dark tan or “bourbon.” Hmm, sounds perfect for a Vegas weekend!

And again, you would be well-advised to wear shorts in the summer, so the pair below can be swapped for the pants without affecting the look.

Photo from Zappos

And LittlePinkTop will also provide you with a swimming option that looks somewhat similar:

Photo from Zappos

A Gift for Her

If you’re a guy shopping this look, you might also consider the graphic tee below for your girlfriend, and if you’re a girl shopping this look for your boyfriend/partner, you might want to get something for yourself!

Photo from Junk Food Clothing

It’s obvious why this graphic tee would work in Vegas – it says “Las Vegas” in a chill turquoise color, and the inclusion of Mickey Mouse means fun-spirited energy. It’s also loose-knit and has a deliberately faded, vintage look, all of which gives off the vibes of someone unwinding by a casino resort pool.

If you haven’t already, sign up for a LittlePinkTop membership to get even more exclusive or personalized fashion advice.

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