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A Guide to Natural Energy Boosters: A Review of Top Products


A Guide to Natural Energy Boosters: A Review of Top Products

Life’s a marathon, not a sprint. We all know the feeling of trying to squeeze more hours into our day, tackling that endless to-do list while also adding to it, and just trying to stay on top of it all. Often, we turn to quick fixes and energy boosters to get us through, but then… we crash (“WeCrashed” was a great show, by the way).

But what if we could swap that rush and crash for a more natural, sustainable kind of energy? Picture something like going for a walk in the forest instead of a mad dash around a crowded supermarket. So now, let’s go shopping… online… to reconnect with these natural options! Oh, and yeah, totally aware of the irony there.

Herbalogic Peak Power Herb Drops

The makers of Herbalogic Peak Power Herb Drops say that it’s a good option for those chasing “sustainable, natural energy with no crash,” which is different from energy products aimed at unnatural hyper-functioning in order “to go all day, study all night.” They contrast their use of traditional Chinese medicine, specifically adaptogenic herbs, with synthetic stimulants “stacked row upon row at the gas stations.”

Though some users don’t seem to notice an effect, many customer reviews indicate that users of this product have looked upon the herbal drops as trusty sidekicks for dealing with the demanding tasks of their day. Importantly, if you’re impatient and you demand your wellness now (a little ironic), the process of purchasing and receiving the product is also appreciated by customers, who have noted fast shipping and easy navigation on the website.

LittlePinkTop received a complimentary bottle from the brand so that it could be reviewed here – the taste is slightly medicinal and slightly sweet, and goes down easy. This is great, considering that some other wellness products or superfoods might come with a yuck factor – whether that’s the extremely grassy taste of wheatgrass (I mean, what did you expect), or the sour, funky flavors of fermented foods that might help with gut health.

Vitable Activated B Complex

LittlePinkTop’s affiliate partner Vitable offers another option “made with premium, activated forms of B vitamins.” The idea is that this supports healthy stress responses in your body, maintaining nervous system health. It’s also said to help with carbohydrate metabolism and can help to offset vitamin B depletion, which can happen if you drink too much alcohol, they note.

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Vitable Iron

Another option from Vitable is, of course, iron – you’ve likely already heard that iron deficiencies can be the cause of tiredness, because there’s a reduction in the number of red blood cells. This particular, vegan-friendly product has been formulated with vitamin C to enhance absorption efficiency, and it’s easy on the digestive system.

Hopefully, you didn’t get tired reading about those products, and are ready to explore options that could work for you to get the energy boost you need! Of course, if you’re unsure about anything, talk to your doctor.

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