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Three Products to Pamper Your Nails and Hands


Three Products to Pamper Your Nails and Hands

Amid our busy lives, when we’re striving to nail it with work projects, it’s easy to overlook the need to take care of actual nails. So, if you feel like it’s the perfect time to give some attention to your hands and nails (mine surely need it), you’re in luck because LittlePinkTop handpicked these three products for your nail care routine. 

Fur’s Ingrown Concentrate

This all-natural oil, accompanied by a textured finger mitt, is designed to soothe irritation and eradicate ingrowns, ensuring clear, smooth pores even for the most sensitive skin. It’s formulated with Tamanu Oil and Coconut Oil, offering omega fatty acids to soften and soothe skin, and has shown significant effectiveness in clinical trials​​​​.

Clarins Hand And Nail Treatment Lotion With Shea Butter

An expert blend from Clarins, this lotion is a savior for dry, tired hands and brittle nails. Shea butter’s moisturizing properties, combined with a rich texture that melts into the skin, form a protective barrier against harsh conditions. It’s a luxurious treat that leaves your hands soft, supple, and nourished, perfect for those who frequently wash their hands or seek a rejuvenating treatment​​.

Stimunail Nail-Strengthening Device

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This at-home tool promises a creative solution that uses heat, vibration, and LED light to strengthen nails over time. It’s designed to be a part of your nightly routine, with sessions lasting just three minutes. Users have reported noticeably stronger nails with consistent use​​. When I removed it from the box and placed my fingers into the ports, it tingled, creating an almost massage-like sensation. This device might make an unusual Christmas gift for friends and fam.

And there you have it — three products to pamper your nails and hands!

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