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Vancouver Fashion Week: Day Two Review


Vancouver Fashion Week: Day Two Review

From Japanese retro kimonos to Canadian everyday wear and vintage-inspired collections, the second day of Vancouver Fashion Week included a variety of looks, intriguing the audience with puffed and leg-of-mutton sleeves, voluminous shoulders, pleats, bow and metal details, and sparkly sequin. If you are curious about some of the best designs, read on!

Colorful Boutique More

The collection “Magic of Color” from Colorful Boutique More kicked off the show with a splash of vibrant kimonos. Designer More Madoka established Colorful Boutique More as a vintage shop in 2009 and now she’s creating retro-inspired kimonos with funky patterns made out of images like cherries, candies, and even clowns. She also adds groovy touches to her looks, like bowler hats or Peter Pan collars on the kimonos. My favorite piece from the collection was the very last and most over-the-top bridal lace kimono. It combined traditional kimono elements like obi, a wide belt made of satin, with a Western love for lace and silky satin.

Ava Gruft

Ava Gruft’s debut collection was a crowd favorite, receiving a lot of applause and cheers. And LittlePinkTop understands why. The whole collection juxtaposed delicate industrial elements like leather, metal hoops, and chains on delicate fabrics like satin, lace, silk, and cotton. This collection had a very futuristic feel. The piece that stood out the most was a billowy, ruched white dress with a corset-like lace bodice, which looked bold yet delicate. Long black leather gloves and black combat boots contrasted with the overall outfit and added a feisty touch.    

Bahar Kianpour

Bahar Kianpour, a Vancouver-based fashion designer, created a dreamy collection with a lot of balloon and puffed sleeves, frills, bows, layered skirts, and flared pants. Lace detailing added whimsy to the catwalk.

Luce Wear

Designer Luce Tardit of Luce Wear put out a very laidback streetwear collection, mainly reflecting the brand’s specialty – tracksuits. I’m not really into tracksuits, but my eye was caught by a vibrant coral oversized coat with a relaxed cut and a nubby texture. I also admired how the lining mirrored the tracksuit it was paired with.


Designer Mutairu Abibat created an eye-catching “Diverfigure” collection for Bibaclothier. It was full of colors like green, brown, red, and pink, as well as beautiful fabrics, including mikado, silk, and customized brocade that often were pinched in rose-like shapes. I loved the chartreuse off-shoulder dress that cascaded into a dramatic ruffle. The translucent corset created an additional dramatic effect.


See Also

Sadaf Zeinoddini created the “Aracoe” collection for Vancouver-based brand Sashezeino.  The majority of the pieces included hand embroideries and bead embellishments that felt almost like wearable art.


The designer Stephanie Mould, behind the brand Smoudly, created a fun retro collection inspired by 60s and 80s styles. It was like the Queen’s Gambit on a catwalk. I loved a bold sculptural dress in a warm, earthy color palette. It patched amber suede and deep terracotta leather squares. This retro dress had cute puffed sleeves and gave off a very 60s vibe. Pairing it with mustard-yellow tights was a brave color-blocking choice.  

Macu Macu

Erica Kumahora, the designer behind Macu Macu, created a voluminous yet breezy and light collection. A purple dress with statement puff sleeves really stood out! It had a bit of countryside charm combined with an avant-garde silhouette. White ankle boots gave the look a modern, grounded finish. A metallic silver bag felt like a nod to a chic space odyssey.

If you liked these pieces, too, stay tuned for more styles and designs from Vancouver Fashion Week in LittlePinkTop’s ongoing coverage!

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