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Ways to Style Biker Shorts Like a Fashion Pro


Ways to Style Biker Shorts Like a Fashion Pro

Celebrities, supermodels, and fashion influencers are all wearing throwback 90s looks. It’s interesting to see how often fashion goes in cycles. But it’s even more interesting when the looks of cyclists become fashion trends.

Yes, believe it or not, biker shorts are now an option for fashion divas.

It’s no longer athletic attire only. Fashionistas are pairing their biker shorts with fancy jackets and sneakers, as well as hill shoes, sandals, and over-the-knee boots.

You might choose to style your biker shorts with a tartan jacket or an oversized blazer. Or you could maybe pair them with a turtleneck and a bomber jacket. Biker shorts also go well with a crop top and jacket, or they could even work with a fancy shirt. You can always be like Kim herself and go for shorts, a hoody, and a leather jacket.

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Get creative with your accessories, as well. Finish the look with a classy crossbody bag or a bum bag. Fasten your classy shirt with a belt bag. It gives sophistication to the biker shorts look. 

I think I’ll style my biker shorts with an oversized blazer and finish my outfit with a distinctive-looking belt for a more dramatic look. Of course, you can always choose to use biker shorts for… well, biking.

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