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Vancouver Fashion Week: Opening Day Review


Vancouver Fashion Week: Opening Day Review

Vancouver Fashion Week kicked off with a celebration of diversity and creativity – from Japanese sustainable fashion to the cozy luxury of knitwear, or the comfort of streetwear, the opening day had something in store for everyone. So, if you’d like LittlePinkTop to take you on the runway, read on! 

The opening day featured SOLIT, a Japanese clothing company that places a special emphasis on inclusivity. This was followed by Canadian raincoat brand mernini and then Japanese sustainable clothing brand Meihana, luxury streetwear brand HAZIHAUS, luxury knitwear brand AHBLO, and an Indian label ANK by Amrit.

As someone who grew up in Ukraine, my favorite part of the show was “Love for Ukraine,” where the Ukrainian cultural center showcased vyshyvankas, a national Ukrainian embroidered blouse.

Different regions of Ukraine have different ornamentations: floral, geometric, or zoomorphic, each with distinctive regional variations across Ukraine. In addition to distinct embroidery, the designer decorated skirts and dresses with pictures of teddy bears. This was done to bring attention to Ukrainian children who are drastically affected by war. But to end this part of the show on a high note, the audience was treated to a performance of Ukrainian folk dance – the hopak

In addition to being captivated by Ukrainian dances and delicate ornamentation, I thought that the looks from Japanese designer Meihana really stood out. She upcycles old fabrics like hand towels, kimonos, and flags and gives them new life!

The runway came alive with the rustle of linen and cotton. You might assume that reused fabrics might be rundown or coarse but it actually looked soft and comfortable.

One of my favorite pieces was a patchwork A-line skirt with a depiction of cranes. In Japan, it’s considered to be the bird of happiness and a symbol of good luck and longevity.

Another piece that stood out was an A-line pink dress with a floral pattern juxtaposed against geometric shapes. It offered a fresh take on a classic kimono. A contemporary twist on the obi belt further rethought traditional elements by adding a daring street-style edge.

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And speaking about street style, raincoat brand mernini had two raincoats in particular that would not only keep the rest of your outfit dry but also add a splash of color on a grey rainy day. Those were caramel and pink (yay!) full-length raincoats. They looked lightweight yet durable. The traditional straight design included modern tweaks – water-resistant wrist warmers. 

But if you’d rather stay home on a wet day, then AHBLO’s “Alpaca Allure Collection” by Raquel Grebler Quesne might be very suitable for the occasion. The collection felt very West Coast with its laid-back attitude and disregard for any official dress code. With that being said, it’s perfect for serene moments by the ocean or fireplace. 

The set above included grey knit sweatpants and an alpaca poncho, which made me want to cuddle up with a book and a cup of tea and ignore my buzzing phone.

Stay tuned for LittlePinkTop’s coverage of Vancouver Fashion Week Day Two!

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