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5 Fashion Trends to Shop in 2024


5 Fashion Trends to Shop in 2024

Wondering what’s going to be in vogue in 2024? With all Fashion Week shows in the rearview mirror and the floral scents of spring coming in through the window, we can drive ahead into a fabulous year of style. LittlePinkTop paid close attention to the key fashion trends so that you, fashionistas, didn’t have to. So, here are some answers to the questions you might have!

Which colors will be trending in 2024?

Vibrant colors are here to take over. On the catwalks, we saw a lot of cherry red and other deeper, opulent versions of red, especially in the Gucci and Hermès collections.

Designer and sculptor Misha Kahn told the New York Times Style Magazine that “bright colors are still seeking vengeance for the millennial tyranny of pastel; we’ll finally get treated to a color like Tyrian purple.” 

But bright colors are not the only option this year. Designer Jenna Lyons thinks “whiskey and cognac — a brown with a lot of caramel” will be in trend but maybe they just asked her that over drinks, who knows. 

The Loewe, Hermès, Saint Laurent, and Tom Ford shows certainly seemed to show a lot of stylish brown hues. 

What type of pants should you buy in 2024?

Singer and songwriter Sharon Van Etten thinks we should go for ’90s aesthetics more – cargo and low-rise pants. It’s not music to my ears… because personally, I always hated low-rise pants, so, luckily, this is not the only trend this year. Angel Tirina, the creator of the fashion blog Couture Confidante, shared with LittlePinkTop that she’s been noticing the return of horseshoe jeans, aka barrel jeans or balloon jeans.

Julianne Moore was recently spotted incorporating this latest craze into her wardrobe.

You might have seen another hot trend of the year – hot pants. But if we’re being honest, they’re just… underpants. Nice try, marketing!

As “cool” as they look in Instagram posts, they will leave you feeling literally cool. Also, maybe don’t wear hot pants to the office (if it’s a serious sort of workplace), as it might raise an eyebrow or two.

What type of skirt should I buy in 2024?

The answer is short – mini. 

Were fashion houses just out of budget for fabrics, or are we entering a miniskirt era? Well, if it’s trendy and saves some costs, I guess it’s a win-win!   

Should I get clothes with bows or ribbons? 

Yes! Oversized, opulent bows popped up in various collections. They add a touch of playfulness and whimsy. But not all fashion houses went for giant and conspicuous designs. Many designers favored smaller bows and ribbons to decorate or bring outfits together.

Angel Tirina told LittlePinkTop that ribbons as accessories or as part of jumpers and tops will be trendy in 2024. “I personally own a top from Greta Constantine that ties as a very big bow at the back that beautifully accentuates the waist and adds a simple feminine touch to my outfits,” she added.

Are fringes back in style in 2024? 

Without any doubt, it’s always been a vibe-setting design. But the Spring/Summer 2024 collections didn’t limit themselves to Western-inspired suede jackets. We saw long leather jackets, maxi skirts, and dresses with fringes at the hem. There is a frenzy over fringes! 

Fashion powerhouses like Alexander McQueen, Prada, Bottega Veneta, Gucci, Paco Rabanne, and Givenchy incorporated fringe in their designs. So, you could, too!

If you don’t want to just read about the trends, but rather wear them, LittlePinkTop has curated some great, trendy items from affiliate partners.

Fringe Jacket from Goldbergh 

This creative open-front jacket hits two trends at once – fringe and a rich mocha color. It has a waist tie closure that will create a shapely silhouette.  

Horseshoe Jean from Citizens of Humanity 

This Los Angeles-based premium denim label has a casual yet creative pair of horseshoe jeans! The balloon-legged jeans have frayed hem and distressed areas, so that your style is on point this season, and you aren’t feeling distressed.   

Fabric Patchwork Sweatshirt from Desigual

This white crewneck sweater from Desigual has a Chanel-style tweed morphing into fringing. Sequins and Swiss embroidery add an additional splash of creativity.

Otessa Mini Skirt from For Love & Lemons 

This red mini skirt is double trendy as it comes in a deep red color, and the length is just right for 2024. If you pair it with a pink top, it’ll show your color-blocking mastery.

Midori Dress from Ted Baker

This satin mini dress from Ted Baker is topped with an oversized bow on the shoulder. It’s a one-shoulder dress that exudes glamor and style. But don’t wear any pendants with this dress because the neckline will look too busy, and it will distract from the elegant bow.

So, to put the bow on this fashion advice, you now know about the major trends and where to shop them. Don’t forget to check back again soon for more styling advice from LittlePinkTop!

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