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Get to the Bottom of Yourself… With Bell-Bottom Pants


Get to the Bottom of Yourself… With Bell-Bottom Pants

Fashion is a tool for self-discovery.

Edith Kingdon Gould, an American socialite, linguist, actress, and poet, once stated: “Fashion contains the potential for renewal and transformation. The more costumes one has, the more fantasy personas one can adopt.” 

Edith was onto something. You can get to the bottom of yourself… with bell-bottom pants. Although earrings and jewelry will always capture quick attention with a little dazzle, there’s something to be said about the perfect pair of pants. It affects how you feel, how you move.

As I’ve previously said here on, 70s fashion is making a comeback and so there’s a chance to find the new you in something from a prior decade. You may want to check out wide-leg and flare-bottom pants, a staple of both hippie and disco cultures. Aimee Song, Gigi Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, Natalia Vodianova, Victoria Beckham, Olivia Palermo, and many other fashion trendsetters have been showing off their wide-leg ants.

You might get overwhelmed and even confused with the variety and terminology though. You may come across loons, hip huggers, flares, parallels, bells, boot-cut, and elephant bells. What does it all mean? 

Don’t despair! The main difference between them is the amount of fabric and the degree of flare. Loons typically flare from the knee and the elephant bells are similar to loon pants but generally made of denim.     

There are also different great ways to style your pants. If you want to show off your long legs, go for high-waisted, wide-leg ones. They might hug your hips in flattering ways and nicely complement your figure. 

You might also choose minimalistic and clean wide-leg dress pants, with that sophisticated Halston look. If you are trying to create a more bohemian look, opt for the disco-inspired bell-bottoms.

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If you want to create a more timeless look that can be worn next season and still come out as the latest thing, select mid-rise skinny jeans in white. For an office look, go for the mid-rise skinny jeans, in white, then pair that with a white or black shirt that gives you a cleanly structured silhouette. You will look like a lady boss.    

If you are feeling more artistic and want to be strongly expressive, colorful hippie-style bell bottom pants are the perfect choice for you.

Bottom line: don’t be afraid to experiment. Just get your groovy pair of pants and feel like a dancing queen!

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