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Yes, You Can Really Carry Two Bags at Once Now


Yes, You Can Really Carry Two Bags at Once Now

Fellow fashionistas, we no longer have to choose — it’s okay to carry two bags at once now.

You might have noticed that Chiara Ferragni, an Italian fashion businesswoman and a fashion influencer, paired together her Fendi Mini Baguette with a Fendi Micro Baguette and a Fendirumi. This is a hot trend in the fashion industry. If layering clothes is popular, why not apply the same logic to bags, right? And that’s exactly what is happening!

The CHANEL by the sea Spring-Summer 2019 show was a jaw-dropper. Karl Lagerfeld created a bay-like catwalk with gentle waves, real sand, boardwalks, and lifeguard stands. But some observers noticed a more subtle, equally bold choice: two crossbody bags clasped together with an iconic Chanel closure holding them together at the chest. That changed everything.

And it doesn’t matter whether you are a classy girl or someone who is more comfortable in a neo-boho style. The double bag trend works for everyone. And it’s particularly advantageous for us indecisive types. If you’re not sure which bag to pick up before going out, the new answer is always “both.”

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There are different ways to style them: you may pick two crossbody bags, or a shoulder bag paired with a clutch. You could go for a classy bag with a top handle and finish your look with a small coin bag on a chain. You may choose to be more conventional and pick bags of the same color and texture. Or you can be wildly creative in your choices and play with different colors and materials. Trust your fashionista instincts!

I would go for a red silk velvet top handle bag paired with a little brown suede bag on a chain. Whichever pairing you pick, don’t forget to bring your individuality and your most creative self.

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