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Rubber Boots: Fashion or Anti-Fashion?


Rubber Boots: Fashion or Anti-Fashion?

The Weather and Women

I’m based in the Pacific Northwest and, around this time of year, it’s often very rainy. Some people love the rain. Some long for sunny days, which often wind up being on weekdays, not weekends. We all have different preferences and degrees of sensitivity but one thing seems to be universally true: The weather affects our moods. And it affects our fashion.

Surprisingly, it even affects our appetites and cravings. In a WebMD article about diet and weight management, Dr. Rallie McAllister, a family physician and health expert, explained that “as soon as temperatures drop, our appetite goes up for high-calorie, high-carbohydrate foods — stews, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese — the dishes that make us feel warm and cozy.”

It turns out that rain is a mysterious force, capable of manipulating us away from our weight loss goals. Aaaah, it’s nice to have a good excuse!

Anyway, every fashionista just wants to feel snuggly, warm, and dry while appearing to the world as attractive as possible. Let’s have a closer look at how to survive this – *munch, much* – rain.

In her book “The Bombshell Manual of Style,” author Laren Stover argues that a true “bombshell” wears a trench coat and her most resilient sandals when heading out into a storm. She never wears slickers and rubber boots, which she calls galoshes. She “finds a sudden thunderstorm thrilling.” Apparently, stepping directly into a cold puddle and feeling the sewage around your toes makes you a true diva… 

The whole book is actually a bit satirical. Fortunately, there are ways to protect your little toes and still look like a boss. And nothing is stopping you from swapping out those boots for something smaller and more graceful, like these Prada pink leather pumps, when you get into the office.  

If your credit card and Prada aren’t compatible, ignore the above recommendation. There are lots of options here…

Hunter boots

Rain means lots of puddles, but one of the best solutions actually comes from the other side of the pond. Hunter, an old British brand, is renowned for its iconic rain boots and rain gear. Supermodel Kate Moss increased their popularity when she wore a pair at the Glastonbury Music Festival in 2005. She stomped through mud and still looked great.

If you find the original Hunter’s look too rugged, there are more sophisticated designs available. And by sophisticated, I mean pink! Check out Refined Slim Fit Creeper Tall Boots: Bella or their shorter version, Chelsea boots.

Sam Edelman’s take on boots

While shopping online for my own cute pair of rubber boots, I came across a pretty stylish pair of rubber boots by Sam Edelman. In the 1980s, he turned Esprit into one of the most recognized footwear brands.He subsequently launched his own brand Sam & Libby with his muse, longtime business partner, and wife Libby Edelman. In 2004, they founded the Sam Edelman brand, which now has estimated annual revenue of $21M.

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If you are ready to splash around in some fashionable and fun rain boots, the Chelsea-type rain boots by Sam Edelman may be calling your name. I found them on clearance for just $50.

So, next time it rains, you have nothing to worry about! You know all the rain boot “life hacks” now. Just put on your headphones and sing along with Rihanna, because:

“You can stand under my umbrella

You can stand under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh

Under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh!”

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