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Summer Hair Accessories You Must Have!


Summer Hair Accessories You Must Have!

Right now, we’re being told to hang out inside and with good reason. I’m doing as directed, and even enjoying the time by catching up on lots of reading and writing, but, I can’t stop dreaming of summer and summer outfits to wear OUTSIDE! I keep thinking of all the light, flowy dresses and skirts that will help me to feel cute again and leave sweatpants behind for a while. 

It is not a secret that even basic clothes may look extraordinary and chic when the look is finished with the right kind of accessories. Here are some of my favourite summer hair accessories. You might have already bought them during pre-COVID-19 times.  

Pearls! Yes, they are still in vogue. Wear a pearl headband if you want to change the whole impression of your outfit. It will add lightness to your outfit and maybe even a playful sense of nobility at the same time. You will feel like Botticelli’s Venus: always fresh and forever young. Here’s an example, with fashion influencer Emma Leger:

If you want to accentuate on accessories rather than on your clothes, use as many hair clips as possible. Don’t overdo it, though, or you might end up looking ridiculous and a metal detector will catch you from miles away.

There’s a wide variety of clips on the market right now: slides with pearls, or pearls combined with golden hair clips. There are also sea-inspired golden hair slides in the shape of shells, if you want to be like that creepy but beautiful mermaid in the challenging arthouse film “The Lighthouse” (which I loved, even though my husband had to drink whiskey to get through it).

You may even go for an ancient look by wearing pearl earrings with floral or celestial details. But if you want to create an authentic boho style outfit, try antique-looking silver earrings

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If you are going on a date and want to look romantic, finish your look with a bow scrunchy. You can put your hair up in a messy but charming ponytail. It is both convenient and very feminine and your hair won’t be gone with the wind. 

But, yes, for now, this is all just a fantasy, though nothing is stopping you from dressing up indoors in order to feel more confident… or crazy… It really depends.

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