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Deal or Disaster: Spring Skirts


Deal or Disaster: Spring Skirts

It’s finally spring, and it’s time to let go of winter gloom. Easier said than done with the still ongoing pandemic. Whenever I feel particularly down, I try to lift my mood by dressing up in brighter colors. Spring happens to be the best time to do this.

And if you are in the mood for a spring skirt, you are in the right place. LittlePinkTop is here to show you some spring deals and, of course, some spring skirt disasters!

Red is traditionally associated with passion. Paolo Rossello has been passionate about fashion since the 80s when he founded P.A.R.O.S.H. So, he created this sophisticated pleated red polka dot maxi skirt. It will make you feel attractive and sexy but at the same time comfy, as most maxi skirts do. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. 

Photo by Farfetch

You can style it in so many ways, too. Wear it with a black top and black combat boots to create a real badass look. Swap the shoes for a pair of black cowgirl boots and a buckle belt, and you have a Southern belle vibe with a red hot chili pepper spice.  

I like dressing up for the occasion. So, I would wear that skirt for a date with my hubby.

Yellow is very trendy this season, and this mustard yellow 100% silk skirt by the Italian brand Forte Forte is just perfect for spring. It has a deliberately crinkled finish, so you don’t even need to worry about ironing it! 

Photo by Farfetch

It has a perfect flow to it and looks light and girly. It’s also a piece that you will be wearing for years and years, and it will always look stylish. It will fortify the perception of you as a well-dressed and intelligent person. 

You can create a monochrome look and style it with a yellow blouse. But if you are afraid of turning into a total chicken, wear this skirt with a black shirt and black loafers, like these ones from Prada

Don’t look like you are green in fashion, wear some green with this skirt. You can always swap the belt, too! There are so many ways to get creative here.  

And, just to stay on-brand here at LittlePinkTop: 

This high-waisted mini skirt from Pinko is adorable and stylish. The wavy detailing of darker pink creates a sophisticated air about this skirt. 

Photo by Farfetch

You can wear it with a wiggle-strap cropped from Pinko if you want a set and have an extra $200 to splash. Or pair it with a white balloon sleeve blouse or T-shirt and look super cute.

But if you think that all pink skirts look cute, you are wrong!

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Is this blasphemy, coming from LittlePinkTop? I hope not!

This Moschino skirt is too “extravagant,” kitsch, and slightly tacky, even though it’s the same silhouette: a high-waisted, close-fitting skirt. It’s like a toymaker combined a Barbie doll and a teddy bear but the experiment went horribly wrong. 

Photo by Farfetch

It seems like the duo of Dolce & Gabbana also tried to experiment or just used scraps from previous collections and patched them together into this over $2,000 monstrosity.

Photo by Farfetch

Talking about scraps… If you happen to have fabric that is not even of the same length and still sew it together, just call it asymmetric. This bubblegum skirt from Burberry shows great color-blocking technique but a lack of knowledge in design and geometry. 

Photo by Burberry

The skirt’s back is like 6 inches longer than the front, showing a red lining of the longer one. Did Superman’s cape inspire it? Or is it a repurposed duvet cover for your bed? My verdict is harsh, just as this skirt is harsh on your eyes: this is a disaster. 

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