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Best and Worst Summer Denim Shorts


Best and Worst Summer Denim Shorts

If you were to ask me what I really need right now, I would probably say vacation! That’s not going to happen… but summer clothes must happen. Hot days are coming, so why not find relief in a summer staple: a pair of good old denim shorts! 

LittlePinkTop is here to show you the best and the worst jean shorts! 

Unless you have super long and skinny legs like a supermodel, you’ve gotta be careful with these shorts. To stay on the safe side, don’t go for unreasonably skimpy shorts.

LittlePinkTop will start our denim journey with little pink shorts, surprise surprise! These slouchy high-rise shorts come in a “pink passion” color, so it’s hard not to fall for them. Notice the A-line silhouette with stitching in the center, which visually elongates the leg, meaning it’s perfect for shorter girls like myself. 

If you want to stand out a bit with your shorts, this high-rise, relaxed pair is just for you. Based on the customer reviews I’ve read, people who have already bought these shorts advise others to pick one size smaller than their usual, as they might be a little bit bigger than expected. This sizing variable is maybe worth the risk, though — many also described this pair of denim shorts as unique, cute, and fun.

I also think that this ’90s-inspired pair is a deal. These high-rise denim shorts with a longline silhouette and raw bottom could become an essential part of your summer wardrobe. They are simple, classy, and comfy. 

If your budget for shorts is falling short of that price tag, though, you could go for this other retro-inspired option that costs less but looks cool and is very similar.

Now I’m going to Wrangler up some disasters for you… 

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These rolled hem shorts look extremely outdated because of the close-fitting silhouette and that rolled hem. These shorts are called “distressed,” possibly because that’s how I feel when I look at them.

I also think that these cutoff denim shorts are cut in a kind of random way, and reveal too much for my own comfort zone.  

If you are into sales (who isn’t) and good deals, check back next week for more deals and disasters!

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