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How To Look Hot in Hot Pink


How To Look Hot in Hot Pink

Miley Cyrus once tweeted: “Pink isn’t just a color. It’s an attitude too!” She couldn’t resist following that up with several hearts and stars, and photos of herself rocking pink in retro style. Well, that attitude, AKA pink, will be hard to avoid this spring-summer season. Chanel, Schiaparelli, Salvatore Ferragamo, Giambattista ValliElie Saab, Valentino, to name a few, all decided to bring pink cuteness to their new collections. This might be a modest attempt to brighten the mood.

Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber, and Kylie Jenner already got the memo, apparently, as they’ve been seen rocking their best pink outfits. We don’t want to lag behind either. So, here we are picking the best pink outfits, and learning more about pink color-blocking.

There are several ways to dress up in pink this season. You will need a pink babydoll or flowy dress, pink dressy pants or joggers, and a bit of color-blocking knowledge. All the rest you will most likely already have in your closet. So don’t worry about buying a dress just to practice color-blocking technique. We will create a look from what you already own!

Babydoll dresses are becoming more and more popular. Free People has some good choices. Their Minuet dress or Lydia midi dress will be perfect for any occasion. If you have a mini pink dress, dress it down, and wear it with white sneakers and white turn cuff socks. 

If you want something that will make you feel at ease, go for a flowy dress like a Feeling Groovy maxi dress or Happy Feelings midi dress. Their names speak for themselves. 

Style this type of dress with cowgirl boots for a real Southern look, or grab your chunky platform sandals, something like Prada, MIU MIU, or Marsèll.

To dive into an effortless and easygoing mood, power through the day in pink joggers. Pink joggers will look amazing with a simple white T-shirt you already own, so don’t complicate matters and stick to the basics. Throw on white Vans sneakers and you’ll be ready to crush it. 

Incorporate some color-blocking. Remember, in order to attract attention, you need to stand out from the crowd. So do it like Samantha Jones from “Sex and the City.” 

The pink and red combination looks awesome, most of the time… if you feel like you can mess it up somehow, draw your inspiration from influencer Blair Eadie, whose Instagram feed always shows a very deliberate use of color. You could say she’s a color-blocking queen, but it’s more than that. She and her team also carefully use colors in the backdrop of her photos to create stylistic consistency, making your lazy Saturday morning avocado toast selfie look like garbage.

Anyway, wear a blush pantsuit, a ruby shirt, and a pair of flamingo shoes to capture that Blair Eadie vibe.

When hunting for your perfect babydoll dress, don’t buy anything too close-fitting, and don’t overdo it with frills. Frills should be dainty. Too many frills will make a dress look like it’s been stolen from an old lady’s closet. Here is the proof

Another no-no would be white socks with frills. In theory, they look like Kawaii. In reality, you won’t be taken seriously because you’re wearing something that a 3rd grader does.

Sweatpants are known for their comfort, so don’t ruin the conformity with low-rise velour ones. They were fab in the early 2000s. Paris Hilton made them super popular, so I had a pair, too, and trust me, if you’re a little self-conscious sometimes, you’ll be a lot self-conscious when wearing these. Be dignified, even in sweatpants!

Color-blocking might be tricky. Be mindful of proportions, too. Just because colors work well together, doesn’t mean the whole look works well. Don’t buy weirdly structured clothes as Rashida Jones did.

Celebrities and models are having fun with pink! Bella Hadid is wearing pink not only for her Vogue photoshoots but in real life, too.

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Hailey Bieber apparently is into art therapy, as seen from her Instagram pictures. And what can make you feel more nonchalant and carefree than good old pink?  

If you are team Selena, don’t worry, she is doing just fine and she looks better than ever before in her new music video, dancing in the cutest pink flowery dress.   

No cheap talk allowed here on LittlePinkTop. Don’t talk the talk if you are not ready to walk the walk. Don’t preach pink if you don’t truly believe in pink. So, here’s one of me in my fuchsia dress by Ted Baker!  

So, consider making your wardrobe pink! It’s sweet, it’s girly, it’s playful, and, honestly, if you are reading LittlePinkTop, you probably already have a soft spot for this color.

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