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What To Wear if You’re a Short Guy Going to a Beach House Party


What To Wear if You’re a Short Guy Going to a Beach House Party

A short guy walks into a beach house… and he’s so well-styled that everyone is mesmerized!

It’s not a joke, it’s a very specific fashion goal, and we’re here for it.

There are a lot of guys on the shorter side, which unfortunately can lead to insecurities and being overlooked. Fortunately, though, men’s fashion can be used as a tool to gain more confidence and stand out, even in the middle of summer parties with loud, outdoor vibes.

Some women explain their preference for taller men with arguments like “men will use us to prove their worth socially… it is only fair we get to do the same,” but others, like The Guardian writer Poppy Noor, observe: “Height is an unattainable beauty standard for short men – what are they supposed to do, grow?”

Since it’s probably unwise to hire Stewie Griffin and become a GMO, you could just work on your style instead, if you meet this “short guy” description. Why not go for a down-to-earth creative style, or refreshing marine style, in your wardrobe this summer?

You could complete either type of look with tumbled leather boat shoes and chill accessories, like amber green sunglasses. “Polished yet relaxed” is exactly how you should embrace this beach house party challenge.

Just check out these styling tips from LittlePinkTop, wear an incredible outfit, jump into that game of beach volleyball, and catch the eye of someone special!

Disclosure: Every item here was individually selected and artistically paired. If you proceed with a purchase from a LittlePinkTop link, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Disclosure: LittlePinkTop will also disclose some styling tricks on how to look taller! When you’re considering these looks, don’t get distracted by the height of the models in the photos. Most of the recommended apparel comes in medium and small sizes but it all seems to be selling out fast, so get it in your size while you can. (These affiliates also have “Wish List” and “Notify Me” buttons if you’re too late to the ecommerce party, before your actual party.)

Down-to-earth creative style


For a beach house party, you need a shirt that is stylistically similar, something that suggests that if it’s a cool party, you might jump into that swimming pool! What would better convey that idea than this navy blue short sleeve shirt from Desigual?    

Photo from Desigual

It has a very hip print of a boxer in red gloves, diving goggles, and a snorkel. That’s the ultimate beach house vibe, I would say. The boxer is throwing punches in a swirl of motivational messages like “Feel your energy,” “Dance,” “Move it,” “Shake it.” And this is exactly what you should project at that party! So maybe the shirt will become your affirmation.

If you’re a shorter guy, going with some attention-grabbing colors could be helpful, since dressing in a total black outfit might visually shrink your silhouette. We’re going to balance out this somewhat playful choice with a lot of rustic, down-to-earth vibes.


If you are more into pants than shorts, notice this breathable cotton option. 

Photo from Garmentory

These brown pants have a loose relaxed fit, just like the vibe at the party will be after several drinks. They also have a gusseted crotch for flexible and easy movement. Umm, let LittlePinkTop explain. A gusset is a diamond-shaped piece of fabric sewn into the crotch area, so that you are not feeling tight, literally and metaphorically. And even though these pants are super relaxed, they have a very smart look to them.

What’s more, they have an elastic waistband, meaning that you don’t need a big belt for these pants. A belt would visually create a horizontal line that basically cuts the body in half and possibly would make you look shorter. To avoid that, keep that T-shirt loose and don’t tuck it in your pants.

Also, notice how good these pants would look with the shirt above! Both have some reddish notes and are stylistically coherent.

Many short men are advised not to wear baggy pants, but it’s important to note that these pants are relaxed, not saggy, which matches the vibes of the beach house. And you can always take them to the tailor if you want to do a little more streamlining. The most important thing is to make sure there isn’t excessive fabric piling up around your calves and against your shoes. So, order the right size, and if it’s slightly off, then: tailor.

Everything is very individual, of course, and the slimness of your figure might also influence the right choice for you and the effect on your perceived height.


Even if you were invited to the party by someone from your office, remember you are not in a corporate setting, you are chilling at the beach house. Don’t wear any formal, dressy shoes. Go for something relaxed, like espadrilles, moccasins, or with the iconic low-top Chuck Taylor All Stars.

If you are hunting for a luxury Italian pair of shoes, and have nowhere to spend $200, you might want to consider these slip-on espadrilles. They will match the outfit and will be easy to take off if you want to jump into that swimming pool.

What are espadrilles? They’re a type of Spanish, rope-soled shoes, usually made of a canvas or cotton fabric. It doesn’t get more chill than that.

Photo from Aquatalia


No beach house look is complete without a pair of sunglasses. Check out this elegant but artistic pair with a mustard frame and amber green lenses. This color combination looks very unique and really makes this rustic outfit stand out.  

Photo from W Concept


A single, compelling accessory can change your whole impression. What will really make your outfit relaxed and rustic is this watch with a brown leather strap. It has a very clean and classy dial but the strap adds masculinity to the look.

Photo from Watchshopping

Refreshing marine style


If you want to save that rustic look for a remote log cabin, go with some marine vibes for this beach house party. Start off with a shirt that has a seaside feel. This blue shirt from Desigual has an ombre effect, meaning that there’s a light-to-dark gradient that is inherently moody or dramatic. For this shirt and setting, I’d say it’s mimicking the ocean and its depth. Notice that it’s lighter at the shoulders and more navy at the bottom.

Photo from Desigual

It has a crab patch where the pocket normally is and a very subtle floral or botanical print.

Here’s an alternative shirt from Desigual, which has a photographic print of a swimming competition against 100% cotton. It doesn’t get any more beach house-appropriate than that!

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Photo from Desigual


I would suggest going for denim or navy blue shorts. They will really complement that shirt we picked. Here are three options to choose from… 

Photo from Garmentory

These blue shorts with white vertical stripes will visually elongate the leg and match with the shirt, adding to that ombre effect.

If you want something super simple, consider these navy blue shorts.

Photo from Garmentory

They are very well cut with neat side pockets. The drawcord at the waist keeps them comfortable, and the white stitching keeps them from being too plain.

Besides, they could help to make your legs look longer because they’re a couple of inches above the knee. Short shorts would look almost inappropriate and if those shorts went down below the knee, they might visually shorten your legs.

If you don’t like the white stitching in these shorts, Patagonia has got you covered. They have 100% cotton navy blue shorts to satisfy your fashion needs.

Photo from Garmentory

And in case you love pockets, they have four! Two at the front and two back flap pockets with button closures.

You know what’s another advantage of creating an outfit in the same color spectrum? It prevents a breaking of the body line, and ultimately lengthens the silhouette from head to toe!


When you are creating this marine vibe look, boat shoes from Sperry are just what you need. They will get you attention because they’re so relaxed but are still durable and sophisticated, with genuine rawhide laces and rust-proof eyelets. The rubber outsole makes them boat deck-friendly, and the overall impression makes you boyfriend material.

Photo from Zappos


These black-framed glasses have a classic style but the blue lenses make them unique. And with the outfit LittlePinkTop just assembled, they will make you charismatic, maybe even a little intriguing, eccentric, or enigmatic!

Photo from W Concept


Photo from Watchshopping

By pairing a white watch, like this durable Emporio Armani ceramic watch, with all those blue pieces of apparel and accessories, you will complete your sailor vibes. I would say that, in particular, they’re a great complement to the shoes.

So there you have it, a refreshing marine style and a down-to-earth creative style that will make you the “short king” of the beach house! Of course, with most of these items coming in many different sizing options, you could shop these outfits even if you’re average or tall.

If you’re not up for a beach house party at all because of, you know, the global pandemic that is still going on, you can stay home watching anime, while wearing your LittlePinkTop-approved anime outfit.

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