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What to Wear to a Garden Party


What to Wear to a Garden Party

In ordinary times, the word “summer” is almost like a call to action: go outdoors, have fun. Do you have access to a lovely garden? Have fun there… 

Obviously, the current environment makes things a little more complicated, but the environment of a garden also makes fashion a little more complicated.

Don’t worry! LittlePinkTop is here to guide you!

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a “garden party” as a party in a garden or in a large yard with gardens. The Cambridge dictionary is more particular, saying that it’s a formal party that happens outside in the afternoon, often in a large private garden.

A garden party is sometimes considered a prestigious event, for social elites. It’s not just a backyard barbecue.

Anyway, if you are attending a garden party and you want to look like a fresh wild daisy, not a dull, anxious wallflower, you’re in luck. LittlePinkTop selected beautiful summer dresses that will look fabulous for this particular occasion. (These items are from LittlePinkTop’s affiliate partners, so we may earn a commission if you purchase using our links.)

Look #1: Orange Mini Dress

The Mini Dress

If you are new to LittlePinkTop, you might think that I’m all about mini dresses, extra short shorts, etc. Right? Wrong! I tend to dress more conservative than most people my age; very often, I’m wowed by the most elegant and vintage looks. Nevertheless, it’s hard for me to say no to this sleeveless mini dress.

Photo from PrettyLittleThing

This bodycon dress on PrettyLittleThing comes in a dazzling orange or “tangerine,” which is very appropriate for summer.

A bodycon dress is a close-fitting article of clothing designed to hug your body and show the curves. Sometimes this is described as “body contouring,” hence the name. This particular dress reveals some seductive cleavage, counterbalanced by a more strict and classy lapel collar. It’s a button-down dress, finished with a vintage-looking waist belt.

A tangerine is a small citrus fruit with peelable — just kidding, I’m pretty sure you already knew that one!

Anyway, this dress has an expensive linen look, and you might even mistake it for linen even though it’s really 90% polyester. If you are the type of person who focuses only on the positive, good news, it’s probably not going to wrinkle the way that linen might!

The Shoes

LittlePinkTop also found a perfect pair of shoes to go well with this dress, which will help you to create an impressive, matching summer look. 

Photo from PrettyLittleThing

As you can see, these shoes have cute pom poms, aka small decorative balls of fabric, and adorning fringe. You will be like a splash of color against the green canvas of the garden party with this outfit.

Now imagine how good this look would be if you also had a mimosa in your hand! You will be refreshed, and your style will be refreshing!

Look #2: Lightweight Linen with Bold Belt 

The Midi Dress 

If you really liked that orange color but want to dress more conservatively, to avoid snide garden party remarks such as “who does she think she is” or “I liked Laurence’s first two wives better,” I have another option for you. Have a look at this “midi dress” or calf-length dress (it falls halfway between your knees and ankles) with a more conservative crew neck and oversized silhouette.

Photo from W Concept

In addition to the orange color, there’s a “natural” and “khaki” color option, but I’d stick with the more vibrant orange for a garden party.

This sleeveless dress looks effortless but elegant and it won’t feel constricting on a hot summer day. Like the previous dress, it has a row of vintage-looking buttons and is finished with a black belt at the waist.

Aaaand it’s an actual 100% linen, which claims to be wrinkle-resistant. I guess there is only one way to prove it! 😉

The Shoes

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Fortunately, I found a pair of shoes for you that will look great with this dress! These sandals are solid black, with a braided design at the front and criss-cross buckle closures; all those black straps will match the black belt that is cutting across the linen dress.

Photo from Zappos

They are classy and creative simultaneously. The block heel will be useful if you’re wandering around the grounds, unlike stiletto heels that might dig into the dirt. Remember, you’re trying to be a social butterfly, not a fence post.

Look #3: A More Affordable Option

If you are shopping on a budget, the prices of the first two dresses ($55 and $189, for US orders) may be off-putting, like weeds in your financial planning! 

LittlePinkTop is here for you, girl!

The Flowery Dress

Notice this cute dress covered in an abundance of yellow flowers. It will cost you roughly $25, but it doesn’t compromise your style in any way. 

Photo from Milanoo

This peasant-style dress is lightweight and cute, making it an excellent choice for a garden party. It doesn’t make you a peasant! Those cup sleeves make shoulders look elegant, and the slit at the front adds a little sexy vibe. Just watch out for bees!

The Shoes 

If you don’t want the heels of your sandals to dig into the ground and ruin your friend’s perfectly cut lawn, go for platform sandals that don’t have heels.

It’s a white dress with yellow flowers, so white strappy sandals will match nicely. Also, if you get these sandals, you could easily pair them with other dresses besides the one above, even with a not-as-bright beige or cream-colored dress.

Photo from Zappos

As you can glean from the above recommendations, lighter colors and lightweight fabrics are optimal for a garden party.

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