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The Best Summer Sandals from Aquatalia


The Best Summer Sandals from Aquatalia

When it comes to women’s shoes, everyone has a dilemma: comfort vs. style. But lately I’ve noticed that many designers are finding a balance that works for consumers.

Aquatalia is one of the brands sweeping everyone off their feet with new ideas. They describe themselves as “the first to mix distinctive Italian design with innovative weatherproof and stain-resistant technology.”

Not to worry, conspiracy theorists, their sandals don’t have 5G! Though it’s possible that their ergonomic soles will make you go faster.

Wendy Svarre, the former president of Aquatalia, described the brand’s customers to the Boston Globe in 2017. These ladies typically fall in the age bracket of 20 to 60. They are “very established” and trend-conscious, with a defined sense of personal style.

Wendy might have moved on to another Italian leather goods brand but the tradition of meticulous Italian shoemaking and impeccable styles stayed at Aquatalia. They even made the impossible possible: wearing suede shoes in the rain!

I’m pretty sure that Jeff Bezos launched himself into space just to one-up them, technologically.

Even Kate Middleton knows about Aquatalia and has been spotted in their shoes on multiple occasions. The Duchess of Cambridge has been relying on their Rhumba, Rouge, Hi and Dry,  Ruby Dry, and Neptune boots for years! It also seems like she made her sister Pippa an Aquatalia fan, too!

So, if you’re intrigued, here’s my list of the best summer sandals from this luxury footwear company! 

(Disclosure: this article includes affiliate links.)

Scarlette sandals

Photo from Aquatalia

These vintage-looking sandals are very 70s and would be a great choice for a boho or hippie-style look. You can match these block-heeled sandals with a maxi floral or geometric-print dress and pass for a flower child!

You could also pair these sandals with a chocolate or cinnamon mini skirt and carrot or apricot top. Warning: these colors might make you hungry, my stomach is growling… 

These sandals would also pair well with flare and wide-leg jeans or really any type of shorts.  

This beautiful style is made of genuine Italian suede. But again, don’t worry if it rains, because these sandals are waterproof!

And if you are looking for a perfect bag to go with these sandals, search no more because this mini crossbody bag is saying, “Pick me!”

Really, it seems like Aquatalia thought it through for you and created this beau in cognac color. Well… now, I’m not only hungry but thirsty, too! 

Photo from Aquatalia

Siena sandals 

If you are looking for an extra summery option, and want your sandals to feel very breezy, opt for Aquatalia’s Siena sandals. These ones have the same block heels but a different crisscross strap design.

If you’re torn between color choices (cream, caramel, or black), factor in what you already have in your closet and what colors would match well together.   

I can totally see Sienna Miller rocking this pair with her signature capes and boho dresses.

Photo from Aquatalia

If you want to receive as many compliments as Ms. Miller, throw this black leather bag into your virtual basket, too. It’s a really versatile and functional choice and will go well with any outfit you might have in mind. And by the way, it has a universal style that never goes out of fashion, so it might be worth the investment. 

Photo from Aquatalia

Samara sandals

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The Samara sandals strike me as the most office-appropriate option. They have an elegant “A” interlock weave (Aquatalia’s signature) and come in classy black and caramel colors.

You could match these sandals with an elegant sheath dress or a V-neck wrap dress. Classy black pants and a tie-neck blouse, or a pencil skirt and a voluminous top, would look amazing, too!   

Photo from Aquatalia

Classy sandals ask for an elegant bag, and here it is. 

Photo from Aquatalia

Audry sandals

The Audry sandals are flat and have a padded footbed that will ensure maximum comfort. You could go for a long city stroll in sandals like this or even to the beach.

Photo from Aquatalia

Some of these sandals are pricey. But keep in mind, cheap adds up. Once, I got overly excited and grabbed 4 pairs of shoes from a fast fashion retailer. They lasted about a season and then they cracked and lost their shape and basically became garbage. But I still haven’t thrown them out because of guilt. It isn’t wasteful until it’s waste! I’m not a hoarder! You can’t prove that! I’m pro-sustainability!

Anyway, quality shoes will last for years, not just a season. An impeccable pair of sandals will elevate any summer outfit.

And do you know what will elevate these sandals? A matching suede tote bag!

This one is the perfect size for day-to-day duties or weekends out and about. Many tote bags don’t have a zipper and leave you insecure about the security of your belongings. This tote has interior pockets and a zip closure to keep everything secure! 

Photo from Aquatalia

These products all show that Aquatalia is a brand worth exploring. And you’ll look great in these sandals, exploring the outdoors this summer, even if it’s your own backyard.

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