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Styling Advice for Creative Women in their 30s and 40s


Styling Advice for Creative Women in their 30s and 40s

According to content from Wisestep, a maker of recruitment software, what you wear to the office could be equivalent to an ensign or code; it lets people know that “you heed and you understand your role accurately” in society and Corporate America. This nonverbal communication is said to include the way you bind the knot of your tie and how often you polish your shoes.

As LittlePinkTop has pointed out before, there’s more flexibility now to strike a balance between smart and casual, as companies try to balance work-from-home activities with in-office collaborations. For creative industries, there might be an even greater degree of flexibility, if not an expectation that you’ll wear something expressive.

How should women navigate the stylistic challenges of a partly-remote, creative workplace? What about women who are already in their 30s and 40s, who want to look playful without compromising their hard-earned authority?

Here is a creative look that says all the right things, with items assembled from LittlePinkTop’s affiliate partners (so, usual disclosure: we may earn a commission)…


A short-sleeved dress with vertical pleats could have a slimming effect, if that’s important to you. Here’s a great example:

Photo from Desigual

The horizontal bands of artsy print on the hem are what makes it a good fit for a creative field. The print looks like flames, which might be a good way to show that you are passionate about your job and career.


Since that dress was more on the modest side, to help protect that well-earned respect, we still need to bring more character and originality to this outfit, and I suggest doing that through your shoes. 

Photo from Camper

These Thelma shoes will immediately grab your attention with the curvaceous heel and burgundy velvet. They conjure up impressions of “vintage” and “empowered.”


If you are afraid to be slightly cold in a short-sleeved dress, be it at home or in the office, you can always layer up.

Photo from Indigo

You might want to consider this coral-pink scarf, which will match harmoniously with the pinkish flame print of the dress. Besides, right now you can get this soft and snuggly scarf for only $10 from Indigo, a Canadian bookstore, because let’s be honest, fewer things are better in life than reading a good book while feeling cozy. Aaah, welcome back, autumn!   


Books make me think of tote bags, so let’s take this free association and run with it and see where it takes our shopping!

This tote bag is made of Coach’s signature coated canvas, which means that woven canvas material was coated in wax or resin to make it waterproof. It showcases the jacquard “C” pattern rimmed in cognac-colored leather. There is also a red-brown strap included, which you can choose to attach. And I think you should because it’s a great artistic addition to this bag.

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Photo from Zappos


These earrings are less than fifty dollars but that doesn’t mean you’re compromising on aesthetics. They’re very eye-catching, thanks to the red glass crystals and purple cubic zirconia petals.

Photo from Zappos

Again, they will stylistically connect back to the artsy print on the hem of the dress we picked.


All you need to complete this creative outfit is a statement watch.

Photo from Zappos

The reddish-brown leather strap will complement the rest of the look and the gold-plated metal case keeps it classy. The hearts show that you’re an artist who doesn’t only check the time; she checks in with her own feelings. Too much? Maybe. But the outfit is not.

Now go work on something inspiring!

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