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How To Dress Sexy but Sophisticated for a Date Night


How To Dress Sexy but Sophisticated for a Date Night

Very often, we find ourselves caught in a daily routine when even “date nights” are becoming ordinary and unremarkable. One day you just want to spice things up, so you head out to a fancy Manhattan restaurant, but cannot get a table. So, you steal a reservation from a no-show couple and from there, things get craaazzy. Wait a second, I’m describing the plot of the romantic comedy “Date Night.”

Anyhow… you can have a great date night without getting into trouble. You can easily spice things up by simply… dressing up! Today, LittlePinkTop will show you an example of a sexy but sophisticated date night look.

Ted Baker will provide the dress inspiration because trust me, you can’t go wrong with their dresses, especially if sophistication is what you’re after!


The first item on our list is a sweetheart neckline dress because this type of neckline will modestly accentuate the bustline. And if you have a shorter neck, it will visually elongate it. What’s more, it provides balance for a square jaw. 

Photo from Ted Baker

This sweetheart neckline dress from Ted Baker is a universal date night saver! Notice how neatly its sleeves are constructed and the angles it creates. The wider neckline could even be seen as balancing an hourglass or pear-shaped figure. 

And if your waist is not very well-defined, it still produces a visually interesting effect by introducing a little curvature between fabric and skin. As you can tell, a sweetheart neckline dress is almost universally flattering.


LittlePinkTop also found you a pair of satin pumps that will pump up the sophistication even more. This pair is from Journee Collection, a company that focuses on designing shoes that will bring you “from work-to-weekend, office to on the town.” 

Photo from Zappos

I think that satin always looks dressy and festive, and the bow detail on the counter (the piece of material forming the back of the shoe) makes these pumps look attractive and cute!  


Do you know what else looks cute? Stud earrings shaped like flowers! These adorable studs from Ted Baker are really charming, and they will not take away from the dress.

Photo from Ted Baker


As for the necklace, I wouldn’t go for a matching set. Let’s make this look a bit more fun by going with a bumblebee pendant necklace!  

Photo from Ted Baker

I think it’s an adorable combination because it looks like the bumblebee is flying towards the flower earrings! You are about to create a whole story with your outfit. 


But the story doesn’t end with the floral earrings. The bumblebee needs to fly down to pollinate a bed of flowers painted on the face of the Ted Baker watch!  

Photo from Zappos

Did we just create a whole bumblebee universe, which is even better than Ant-Man and the Wasp? Or am I just pandering to Marvel fans right now for likes?

Trench Coat

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We are heading into fall, so the dress alone won’t be enough to keep you warm. LittlePinkTop picked this dark blue trench coat from Ted Baker for these seasonal considerations.

Photo from Ted Baker

This trench coat has dropped shoulders and balloon sleeves that create a relaxed yet striking silhouette. 

It also has shoulder straps that add a more androgynous vibe, balanced out with a sophisticated fabric belt with a shiny clasp.


Need a bag? Of course you do, how else are you going to carry around your masks and hand sanitizer since that’s the world we live in now apparently? I don’t think it’s a good idea to pick a dark blue or black bag because it will blend in with the rest of the outfit. We need to make it stand out by picking the right color. 

Photo from Zappos

And I think that this cream-colored soft clutch from Steve Madden would do an amazing job of bringing the whole outfit together. It looks scrunchy and is stylistically coherent with the soft balloon sleeves of the trench coat.  


If you want even more protection against the cold than the trench coat can provide, consider layering on a stylish scarf! 

Photo from Ted Baker

This one has an interesting print that looks like an animal print or a school of fish; I can’t make up my mind. But I know this: a light brown color in the middle of the scarf will match the bag, and the orange frame will bring some fall feel to the look. 

Now, when you are all dressed up, it’s time to enjoy your dinner out. I hope you won’t need to climb up the fire escape like Tina Fey on her date night. But if you decide to get those satin pumps, and the night becomes adventurous, you might find yourself repeating one of her lines from the movie: “Everything you’re doing, I’m doing in heels. I just want you to think about that.”

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