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Convenient Outdoor Looks


Convenient Outdoor Looks

Live in a city? Headed out to nature for a quick adventure? Need some stylistic flexibility so you can bounce back and forth? Well, it’s possible! You could actually hike in the woods enjoying the crisp autumn air, then stuff your puffer jacket in a pack (or even a pocket), and join your city friends for a pub drink that same evening.

The following looks are largely about convenience, in case you’re balancing different lifestyle events on the same day, or just trying to be well-protected against the fickle changing of seasons. Believe it or not, you don’t need to feel like you’re strapping into heavy gear every time you experience nature. Stay stylish, girl!

One key piece of attire might be a lightweight puffer coat from Wantdo, a company that makes “products that are essentials of active performance wear.” They have items like jackets (including rain and ski jackets), hiking shoes, backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, and various accessories. So, if your family is going camping, hiking, skiing, or traveling, you might find yourself going to Wantdo’s website first. 

Customer reviews there show people marveling at how the brand’s materials can be both warm and thin.

Wantdo sent a complementary puffer jacket over to LittlePinkTop. The product is very cute and easily packable. On the inside of the jacket, there is a little pouch connected, and you can roll or scrunch up the jacket and put it inside this pouch. That way, instead of carrying the jacket, you can just carry the little pouch around. So convenient!

What’s really great about this is that it doesn’t wrinkle. Also, the puffer jacket is as light as a feather, maybe because it promises a 90% duck down filling, which is known to be both light and insulating.

This versatile puffer also has a hood to keep your ears warm, in case you forgot to bring your hat, or have grown addicted to a summer hat that doesn’t really work for autumn.

And if you are paranoid like me and constantly check your pockets to make sure your phone or keys are still there, this jacket will be good for your peace of mind. It has two zippered front pockets, two inner pockets that can even fit a water bottle, and a media port for earphone wires. Friendly advice: don’t put the water bottle close to your electronics, because why test Murphy’s law like that?

All of those factors led to LittlePinkTop classifying this puffer jacket as a top recommendation for convenient and comfy outdoor looks this autumn. 

And no, it won’t make you look like a puffer fish because it has a particularly neat design.

If you now want to get a Wantdo jacket,  here are some styling ideas you might want to consider because LittlePinkTop is all about keeping you stylish so that you can look as awesome as you are. (Disclosure: These items are from LittlePinkTop’s affiliate partners, which means we may earn a commission if you make a purchase.)


In this hike-then-drinks scenario, what you choose to wear under the jacket is very important for good fashion impressions.

The “Weekend Adventure” pullover from Columbia not only sounds appropriate for the look we are creating, it also has a striking pattern in the “chalk tonal blanket” color option. 

Photo from Columbia

It has an interesting high collar that overlaps and creates a V shape. It also has thumb holes, which are a cute and creative fashion solution for staying warm. Also, check out the kangaroo pockets you could slip your cold hands into.

Alternatively, you can opt for this “Note to Self” sweater from BLANKNYC. Note to self: buy this because it looks cute, neat, and versatile.  

Photo from BLANKNYC


This puffer will look amazing with a pair of fancy and sleek jogger pants from LittlePinkTop’s affiliate partner Columbia, such as the ones below.

Photo from Columbia

Although those pants can also be purchased in “stone green” or even camouflage, I think the simple black or “dark nocturnal” options would go amazingly well with a Wanto jacket of any color and would look appropriate by a creek or in a coffee shop.


And if you really want to blow this outfit out of the water, consider this pair of leather boots from Camper, described as having “a distinctive urban look.”

Photo from Camper

They are somewhat fancy… well… very fancy, for boots… so maybe don’t go all Peppa Pig on them by jumping in muddy puddles.

A stylish and practical option can be found in this pair from L.L.Bean, a brand that specializes in the great outdoors.

Photo from Zappos

The rubber toe bumper is designed to protect your feet from roots and rocks, while a lugged outsole provides great traction. The mesh provides ventilation, and the soft suede upper of the shoe provides that stylish touch for when you grab drinks at the end of the day.

One happy customer commented that these shoes received multiple compliments and are good for a “walk on a rocky urban park trail without discomfort.” 

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If it’s windy or you anticipate some precipitation, don’t forget about a hat!    

Photo from Herschel

This thick yarn beanie with a rolled cuff will check off “stay warm” and “look cute.”


Depending on the weather, you may need to bundle up even more. Consider this soft and cozy scarf in grey. The gingham-print can be styled as a shawl.

Photo from Indigo


If you are hiking or traveling, you’ll need a backpack. You might also need a backpack for a grocery run. Long story short, you need a backpack. Something that’s functional but still neat and stylish. 

This “City Backpack” from Hurley is great!

Photo from Herschel

It will come in handy on a trail, but won’t look out of place when you’re sliding into a restaurant booth or tucking it in-between your legs at a bar.

Here’s another refined choice from Herschel:

Photo from Herschel

They call it the “Retreat Backpack Pro” and with the drawcord closure, mesh organizers, and laptop sleeve, you can certainly pack like a pro! 

And just like that, with a convenient and comfy jacket, you are ready to take on some capricious fall weather. Your lightweight puffer will have your back. Just like LittlePinkTop.  

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