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A Kitty-Themed Outfit for Little Fashionistas


A Kitty-Themed Outfit for Little Fashionistas

If you are a parent, you are probably in the business of constantly buying new clothes for your little one and constantly donating the items they’ve grown out of. Well, if it’s a business, it’s a money-losing business, to be clear, but what you lose in monetary value, you gain back in cuteness and love from your kid! 

To keep your little fashionista happy, you need to shop smart because everything adds up quickly.

Shopping smart takes planning, research, time, and energy. Fortunately,  LittlePinkTop has already done a lot of that work for you, so that you won’t be the one throwing the temper tantrum in the aisle of a Target. Just throw some of these little fashionista finds into your virtual shopping cart and check out, so that you can rest up and you won’t be checked out of daily life!

Cute Hoodie

Let the cuteness begin!

LittlePinkTop received a complimentary pink sweatshirt hoodie from a brand called PatPat, which was founded by two close friends looking to fill a gap in the children’s clothing industry. This particular item has a cute cat print on the front and adorable ears on top of the hood. It’s purr-fectly priced for a shopper on a budget. And with the laundry instructions “machine wash, tumble dry,” it’s easy to manage if your child gets too method in their play and starts pouncing on things in the yard!

Photo from PatPat

My niece, a real fashionista who once independently checked out “The Fashion Book” during a library visit, received the pink kitty hoodie that PatPat sent over. She gave the following review: “Meeeooowwww!” She thought that the ears looked more like a hamster than a cat, but that’s okay, because she likes hamsters, too. The point is: your kiddo gets to run around like an adorable little creature.

PatPat also sent over a black puffer jacket, which happened to fit my niece perfectly and was helpful on the recent long weekend.

Here are some additional items that LittlepinkTop selected to go along with that cute sweatshirt…


What goes under the hoodie? LittlePinkTop recommends this pink short-sleeved T-shirt from Tommy Hilfiger.   

Photo from Zappos

The striped logo around the V-neck makes it pretty stylish, which is useful for when your little “cat” transforms back into a person.


For only $18, you can get a 4-pack of leggings, which are 100% cotton. 

Photo from Zappos

If your little fashionista is going through a unicorn phase, like my niece did, you can support this magical interest, too!

Here’s a 4-pack of cotton pants with elasticized waistbands (great for growing and playing) that includes a unicorn print, an abundance of rainbows, and a collection of stars:

Photo from Zappos


For the shoes, let’s give the pink a rest and pick a pair of Vans shoes in a nice, compatible pomegranate shade.

Photo from Zappos

This is a cute pair of shoes that’s also functional. The “HydroGuard Wrap” is said to act as “a splash and puddle guard.”


Now that we’ve established a cat with the hoodie, let’s give it a mouse! Specifically, Minnie Mouse.

On Zappos right now, you can get a matching rain jacket and umbrella with Minnie (or other Disney characters).

Photo from Zappos


See Also

If your kiddo has longer hair, offer her a set of scrunchies. 

Photo from Zappos

This set of three will provide good versatility. The black one is super universal. There is also a black one with a pink jellyfish and a floral one.


For about $30 you can get your kiddo an L.L.Bean backpack. A pink one! 

Photo from Zappos

It has padded shoulder straps for comfort and all the adjustments that come along with a growth spurt. It also has a water bottle pocket, so that your kid stays hydrated.


Speaking of growth spurts and drinks, it’s time to eat something yummy! Not just your kid: you, too! Go grab a rice krispies treat, you earned it!

And after you’ve munched down, maybe pack one into a new lunchbox, like this very beautiful, cheerful little one from L.L.Bean.

Photo from Zappos

Those watercolor-style flowers and the pink will complement all of the other suggestions above.

Of course, it’s possible that your kiddo will want a look with more attitude, and LittlePinkTop won’t forget to do that homework assignment for you another time. In the meantime, this is a very cute outfit, revolving around the kitty hoodie, which should be well-received on the playground.

Want more children’s fashion ideas? Here’s a complete outfit for little cowgirls!

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