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This Holiday Dress Might Be Perfect for Your Body Type


This Holiday Dress Might Be Perfect for Your Body Type

If you have a smaller cup size, there’s no need to be insecure about it; in fact, there are a lot of gorgeous dresses designed just for you! Here’s a look that revolves around a hunter bow dress, not your cleavage.

Not to worry, you won’t look like a woodsman: “hunter” in this context is a dark, verdant green with a teal undertone. So definitely read on if you’ve been hunting for an elegant outfit that matches your body type! We’ll even gather some accessories for those fresh and sweet touches. And at the end, we’ll have a stunning green ensemble for the holidays!

A dress with a bow will add volume to your chest if you’re seeking that, but more importantly, it brings formality or festivity to any outfit, and any occasion.

As you can see in the examples below, a bow draws all the attention to itself and away from the chest (again, if that’s what you want to achieve). Check out how celebrities like Emma Stone and Gwyneth Paltrow have mastered bow dresses at red carpet events, creating not only amazing silhouettes but also intrigue!  

After admiring Emma and Gwyneth in their charming bow dresses, LittlePinkTop decided to find similar items for you, ladies.

In this look, we’re going to pair a very elegant bow dress from Vince Camuto with green crystal earrings from Kate Spade and black, classy pumps from Ted Baker for a stunning, holiday party-ready impression. (LittlePinkTop is not saying you should go to parties given this situation, just saying that in this dress, you could… you can always put it in the closet for next year!)

The Dress

Photo from Zappos

It’s considered a “fit-and-flare,” which means that it’s fitted through the waist and flaring out at or below at the hips. This dress will look flattering if you have a thinner waist because it will hug it nicely.

The bow near the neck makes it playful and lively.

The brand describes itself as “sexy, sophisticated, versatile, and modern,” which is certainly reflected in this item.

There is another flattering thing about this dress: it’s sleeveless, which also shifts attention to what you might consider to be your flattering features. Great news for those who have kept up on their push-ups during quarantines and lockdowns!

The Shoes

A festive dress like this needs a pair of interesting pumps to go with it, such as these ones from Ted Baker. 

Photo from Ted Baker

These black stiletto pumps have unique cut-out details (actual gaps in the material) at the back. It almost resembles a leaf, which is very appropriate to go along with a deep green dress.

The stiletto heels will elevate you and your outfit. 

The brand’s product description observes (wisely) that “a girl can never have too many shoes,” and suggests that these ones are a worthy investment. Of course, I agree. But if, somehow, you do have too many shoes, and are wading through the spillage from your shoe rack, just pick a similar, black pair of heels you already own. Or if it’s a budget issue, go thrifting!

The Bag

A good pair of shoes needs to be complemented by a great bag, and this twist lock shoulder bag from Ted Baker rises to the occasion. 

Photo from Ted Baker

This bag should make your shortlist if you’re looking to enhance your look with quality textures: the suede flap contrasts nicely with the black bovine leather. 

Bovines (in Latin “Bovinae”) are a subfamily of bovids (“Bovidae”) and include animal species like cows, buffaloes, bulls and calves, which are widely used in the leather goods industry, by the way.

The golden clasp and chain strap add some rich distinction.

And don’t worry, fashionistas (especially vegans), we’re not done with the options for accessories!

See Also

New Earrings?

Photo from Zappos

These huggie earrings from Kate Spade are small in size and hug the ear, as the term suggests, but they also look incredibly chic, even though they are actually made of plated brass.

The jewels add to a perfectly coordinated ensemble of green, which is associated with vitality, freshness, growth, wealth, balance, health, and youthfulness.

If you are blue or green-eyed, this type of earring will look especially nice on you!

How About a Bracelet?

And to finish this look, let’s find a bracelet. 

Photo from W Concept

This “Leaf Garden” bracelet would be extremely appropriate, given the hunter green dress and emerald green earrings. 

It has a unique design made of tiny leaves that are connected together in a beautiful branch. This bracelet also offers a feminine look combined with European charm. 

As you can see, with just a simple bow as a starting point, you can build your way to a creative, eye-catching, and seasonal look that matches your body type. The deep green dress with metallic threads will look Christmasy and this is exactly what many of us need right now — holiday spirit! 

If you’re not in the habit of planning ahead and therefore holiday dresses haven’t risen to the top of your shopping list yet, or if you already know you’re not going to be socializing this year due to the tough situation we’re all in, you might want to check out “How To Dress Comfy but Stylish on the Weekend.” It’s curated with the same body type in mind, and while it’s not really low-key, it would work for just running errands (maybe more so in a Whole Foods than a Walmart).

Whatever you choose to go with, happy shopping and happy holidays!

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