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A Casual, Creative, Autumn Look for Men


A Casual, Creative, Autumn Look for Men

Previously, LittlePinkTop showed ladies how to put together a stylish yet comfortable weekend look, consisting of snuggly fabrics like cotton and corduroy, and now guys — it’s your turn!

Jeans are very much part of the fabric (get it?) of American history, ever since Levi Strauss opened shop at 90 Sacramento Street address in 1850s San Francisco. With the arrival of chilly autumn weather, you can look and feel just right in a hoodie that incorporates denim without going full “Canadian tuxedo” (a term used to describe a total denim look, which peaked in 2001).

What do I mean by “incorporates”? See for yourself!

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The Jacket

Photo from Desigual

This hoody is explicitly tapping into the trend of hybrid garments. It includes “front panels of trucker denim with washed/worn effect and small rips,” but from behind, it just looks like a creamy, plush hoody.

So you can be comfortable and casual, with a touch of something extra that conveys your awareness of style. You’ll be warm, but chill, in this autumn-friendly menswear. Just wear a simple white T-shirt underneath!

The Pants

In the women’s equivalent look, LittlePinkTop recommended high-waisted, light pink corduroy pants, and since that option would have most guys clicking back on their browser, LittlePinkTop is proposing these Alex Mill field chino French terry pants instead:

Photo from Garmentory

French terry is a type of knit fabric similar to jersey, by the way, but we’re picking it for the dark navy color, which complements the denim on the front of the hybrid hoody. For an item classified under sweatpants and joggers, these pants are surprisingly stylish.

The Shoes

For the shoes, we’ll go with multicolored leather sneakers from Camper, a brand that is doing some very innovative things with shoes.

See Also

Photo from Camper

One of the colors is blue, so again, we’re color-coordinated, but in a more fundamental aesthetic way, the creative contrasts of the grey, black, and blue are analogous to the hybrid garment approach in the sweater.

These shoes are part of Camper’s “TWINS concept,” which is built around opposite yet complementary design choices.

The Watch

We’re going to finish off this look with an inexpensive watch ($15.69) so that your credit card doesn’t get too battered and you have some room left to enjoy the weekend in your new weekend look.

Photo from DX

This watch comes in an alloy case, with a quartz movement. It’s relatively simple and easygoing, and it’s blue, so it’s a match for the look we’ve created.

You’re now autumn-ready! But if you don’t like cold weather and are already thinking wishfully ahead to next summer, check out these past LittlePinkTop style recommendations for a look that incorporates another iconic element of American culture: Playboy!

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