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Holiday Gift Guide for Little Fashionistas


Holiday Gift Guide for Little Fashionistas

If you’re a mama fashionista reading, there’s a good chance you’ve got a little fashionista running around nearby. What trendy, stylish, or even STEM-related gifts should you be shopping for this holiday season?

Here are some ideas…

Clothes from Mightly

Mightly is a clothing company that sells tees, leggings, dresses, PJs, hoodies, sweatpants, and other stuff for kids from 2 to 14. All their products are made from organic cotton that feels amazing to touch. 

Photo from Mightly

I know this because LittlePinkTop received complimentary cotton hoodies, tees, and even a three-quarter sleeve skater dress from the brand, so that we could inform you about their little fashionista apparel.

Side note for the curious: a “3/4 sleeve” is mid-length, stopping just short of the elbow and about three to six inches above the wrist. 

Even though I’m LittlePinkTop, I’m not little, I’m a grown-up, so the Mightly clothes went to my 8-year-old niece for review.

She particularly loved their rainbow hoodie, saying: “I really like the rainbow design because I like unicorns and unicorns like rainbows!”

There was another feature that didn’t go unnoticed — a tag on the inside of the hoodie! Your kid is prompted to write out their name, superpowers, and “if found, return to” information on the tag.

So, my niece filled that out right away with her sharpie. Her superpower? “Cotton Candy Universe” is what she wrote; don’t ask me what it means.

The hoodie is soft and fuzzy inside, and after wearing it for a couple of minutes, my niece declared that it felt nice and soft, which presented her with a nice problem to have: “I wanna sleep now, but I just woke up,” she said, yawning. Is this a life hack for parents out there whose kids are too rowdy? Put them in an organic cotton hoodie and they go down for a nap?

My niece also loved twirling in the skater dress, which didn’t compromise its style for flexibility. She said that she would wear it to school the next day. She also took notice of the side seam pockets, commenting that those are “cool” because most dresses don’t have them. 

Photo from Mightly

“It’s really easy to play sports like basketball in it,” she concluded after she had already tested the dress and dunked the basketball through the lowered hoop in their backyard. 

No wonder! It’s a skater dress, after all, called that way because they have an “A” silhouette” and resemble the dresses that figure skaters wear.

Just FYI, we found that these clothes were running a little smaller than expected, so if you’re on the fence about sizing options, reference the brand’s size chart and maybe go with something that’s a little larger.

If matching pajama sets for Christmas is your thing, you can also get a set for your whole family. Mightly carries super cute long-sleeved elf PJs for both kids and adults

Pokémon PJs

If your little one is into Pokémon, like every kid is right now, you might choose these adorable Pikachu PJs that are available on Zappos, a LittlePinkTop affiliate partner (we may earn a commission if you make a purchase). 

Photo from Zappos

Pikachu, for the uninitiated, is a short, chubby rodent Pokémon with powerful electrical abilities.

With these pajamas, your kids can lounge in style and in their favorite anime character. Perfect for Christmas morning, afternoon, evening.   

The long-sleeved top has a folded collar and a string of buttons in the middle. The pants have an elasticized waistband for maximum Christmas comfort. Now pass the milk and cookies!

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LED Lamp from inPOWERED Lights 

If your child likes different gadgets and electronic devices, has strong STEM predispositions, or just has a strong sense of style, LittlePinkTop has a good gift idea here, too. 

If you would like to get your kid… sorry, if Santa wants to give your well-behaved kiddo something that stimulates their engineering curiosity… consider the LED “Lamp Angel” from inPOWERED Lights. They sent a complimentary model over to for review, and we found a number of compelling features.

Photo from inPOWERED

It has emergency backup lighting. Basically, this lamp stores some energy while plugged in, so you won’t be left in the dark if there is ever a power outage. The lamp would keep producing light for the next 16-24 hours!

When I was little (just little, not LittlePinkTop yet), there were constant power outages in my area, leaving us kids slightly scared. Where was this lamp back then?

We also didn’t have cell phones back then, but since they’re kind of a big deal now, this lamp also has a USB charging port.

And the fun part about this lamp: its base glows different colors, and you can actually adjust the colors by using a remote control or downloading a special mobile app. I believe you already know which color LittlePinkTop would choose. 😉   

The brand says that all their LED lights “remain cool and last for over 50,000 hours.”

To be clear, this isn’t just a kids’ item. It would match the modern decor of any home. But I can see kids having fun with it, and wanting to learn more about how it works!

Parents: stay calm, cool, and collected! Christmas shopping can make anyone lose it. But if you start now, you can spare yourself the trouble of last-minute shopping. Or stressing.

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