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What a Lady Can Wear to a Dive Bar


What a Lady Can Wear to a Dive Bar

Even if you haven’t heard the term “dive bar” before, you’ve probably been to one. It’s basically an unpretentious neighborhood bar with an authentic, down-to-earth vibe. This type of establishment went through some relatively recent changes, a sort of gentrification for bars. 

The term was first used in the U.S. press in the 1880s to describe “disreputable places that were often in basements into which one ‘dives below.’” 

A reputable source for information, Urban Dictionary, gives the modern definition for a dive bar: it’s a well-worn, unglamorous bar, often serving a cheap, simple selection of drinks to regular clientele. 

Urban Dictionary, as always, provides hilarious user-contributed examples of how to use the term, such as: “You don’t need to dress up; we’re just going to the dive bar down the street,” or “Man, that place is such a dive bar… Don’t go in unless you plan to burn your clothes afterwards.”

LittlePinkTop is about celebrating fashion, not burning it. Fortunately, there’s a way that you can look like a stylish lady in a dive bar.

In fact, LittlePinkTop created the perfect outfit to dive into before going out to a dive bar. (Full disclosure: The examples provided were carefully picked from affiliate partners, which means we might earn a commission if you buy something through our links.)

The Sweatshirt

You’d feel out of place if you were to show up wearing a preppy look, like a necktie dress, in a dive bar. A sweatshirt seems like a good idea in colder weather.

But you don’t want to look boring, either. Go for a sweatshirt that has some character.

This black plush sweater from Desigual has a loose silhouette for maximum comfort:

There is an artistic gemstone embellishment of a reaching hand, placed on the shoulder of the sweater, and a big heart with golden rays of sequins on the back. That will definitely make you attract companionship and light up the room!

Even though it’s new, this sweater has a laidback, thrift store, crafty feel.

The Pants

You can counterbalance the high waist sweatshirt with high waist pants, unless of course you want to show some skin.

Check out this flattering pair of black jeans from Levi’s:

Photo from Zappos

They have a classic design with five pockets and the brand’s signature arcuate stitch at the back pockets. A pair like this is my personal go-to whenever I want to feel comfortable while still looking well-put-together. 

The Shoes

According to NPD Group footwear and accessories analyst Beth Goldstein, slipper sales doubled in 2021, with slides (especially Crocs) rising in popularity.

Adrienne Estes, Assistant Professor of Podiatric Medicine at Western University of Health Sciences, is quite happy to see this trend stay. “High heels have been causing foot and ankle problems for decades,” explains Dr. Estes.

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That’s right, there was no need for heels in a dive bar even pre-pandemic. If you choose to go out these days, I wouldn’t select Crocs for a dive bar, though… You have better options!

These round-toe sneakers from Cole Haan might be just the right balance of casual.

Photo from Zappos

The classy design (stretch knit upper with leather accents) makes them very appropriate for smart looks, too.

The Makeup

LittlePinkTop disagrees with people who claim that dive bars are sleazy establishments. They can be charming!

And if you want to look extra charming, maybe apply some makeup before going out. You can focus just on your lips and get the “Amelia Kit” from Rinna Beauty for a complete set of lipstick, gloss, and liner.

Photo from Rinna Beauty

Amelia Gray Hamlin, a model and influencer, created this kit for Rinna Beauty, the namesake cosmetic brand launched by her mother Lisa Rinna, the actress and TV personality. Lisa Rinna wasn’t merely trying to create a celebrity brand, but “a cosmetic company rooted in quality, style, and individuality.”

LittlePinkTop received a complimentary Amelia Kit for review. The lipstick and liner have a creamy, hydrating texture. The liner helps to add the desired shape to the lips.

Just remember: even though a dive bar might not be the finest establishment, I’m sure you will feel special in the outfit we created and the makeup you’ve applied.

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