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Creative Uses for Coffee


Creative Uses for Coffee

I’m sure you feel great about drinking your morning cup of coffee. But how do you feel about tossing those valuable coffee grounds? What? You didn’t know they were valuable? In that case, LittlePinkTop will tell you about all the creative ways you could repurpose them! Intrigued? Read on…     

Creative and Weird Ways To Use Coffee Grounds

Compost Ingredient. Get this, you can use coffee grounds in your garden! Yup, used coffee can be an elixir for your plants. They add essential nutrients to the soil and can even be used as a slug repellent. 

Insect repellent. Who knew that our favorite brew could keep bugs away? Now, you may already be thinking, “Bug off with all this coffee trivia!” But hey, next time you’re sipping your lattes with a coworker and need an icebreaker, you’ll think of LittlePinkTop and this article. So there. 

Odor neutralizer. Apparently, coffee grounds can absorb yucky smells. So next time you have a smelly fridge, just put a container of grounds in there. Also, it’s great for getting the garlic or onion smell off your hands. Total lifesaver!

Tenderize Meat. Meat’s tough consistency comes from muscle fibers and proteins, which can be softened through tenderizing. Coffee, rich in natural acids and enzymes, serves as an effective meat tenderizer, enhancing flavor and creating a crispy crust when used in a dry rub or as a marinade.

Natural Cleaning Scrub. Coffee grounds, known for their abrasive nature, can serve as a natural cleaning scrub, effectively removing build-up on surfaces and potentially offering antibacterial benefits. However, caution is advised when using them on porous materials to prevent brown stains.

Coffee Grounds in Your Beauty Routine 

Coffee grounds serve as a natural exfoliating agent for the skin, helping remove dirt and dead cells. When mixed with water or coconut oil, the grounds can be applied as a scrub, promoting overall skin health with the added benefits of caffeine’s antioxidant properties. 

Additionally, coffee grounds may even reduce the appearance of cellulite, a condition affecting the skin’s texture, because the caffeine content may help break down fat deposits and enhance blood flow.

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Oh, and get this – applying coffee topically to your hair and the scalp might even stop hair loss and promote regrowth. It’s like coffee isn’t just waking us up; it’s waking up hair follicles, too! 

Not into messy DIY stuff? There’s a product for this, too. Recently, LittlePinkTop received Espresso Hair Growth Oil, courtesy of the brand Edge Entity, and we have to spill the beans to you with a product review!

This beauty product is a blend of castor, jojoba, avocado, and olive oil, mixed-in Ayurvedic herbs extracts like amla, brahmi, and ashwagandha, plus real coffee grounds. The instructions say to apply it twice a week, massaging it into the scalp for stronger, healthier, and shinier hair. 

The benefits certainly seem like it’s worth a try. The only downside is that you’ve got to keep your scalp clean from other products for it to work best, and you should be okay with making your pillowcases greasy because it is an oily product.  

Well, there you have it! Girl, isn’t it just amazing how our beloved coffee does so much more than wake us up? Coffee is like the ultimate BFF in our kitchens and beauty routines. So the next time you brew your coffee, maybe think about salvaging some of those valuable leftover coffee grounds. And if you’re now looking to get a bag of coffee beans, check out Pure Origin, LittlePinkTop’s affiliate partner, since they have a great selection of quality coffee from around the world!

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