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Pure Origin Coffee Review


Pure Origin Coffee Review

Very few people like their coffee burnt, though it’s kind of nostalgic and charming, in a way. If the idea that coffee is “the best part of waking up” has been burnt into your brain, you may have grown up watching Folgers commercials

Regardless of your exact preferences, coffee has bean around for a long time. Did you know that in 16th century Constantinople (present-day Istanbul, Turkey), not providing your wife with enough coffee was grounds for divorce (pun intended)?

Larry David, co-creator of “Seinfeld” and owner of the fictional coffee shop Latte Larry’s in “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” can certainly relate. As he shared with Seinfeld in one of the episodes of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” his wife hated that he stopped drinking coffee. She felt that they were no longer able to share a morning ritual, even though Larry had swapped his coffee for tea. He objected, “But there’s something in my cup! You can’t see what’s in my cup. I’m still sipping! There’s still steam coming out of it. What’s the difference?”    

Aah, Larry David. Anyway, you get the idea. Coffee is kind of a big deal.

So, if you’re looking for tasty, organic coffee, check out Pure Origin Coffee, a LittlePinkTop affiliate partner. They are proud to offer three certified organic, fair trade-labeled choices: Peruvian light roast, Indonesian dark roast, and Congolese dark roast

But what is fair trade coffee anyway?

Fair trade coffee is a movement aimed at improving the lives of coffee farmers, promoting sustainable farming practices, and, of course, offering high-quality coffee. The fair trade certification process is overseen by third-party organizations, such as Fairtrade International or Fair Trade USA. These organizations screen the beans throughout production to ensure that labor standards are met across the entire supply chain.

So, by choosing fair trade coffee, you can enjoy your morning beverage and feel like you’ve done some good, or at least, not done any bad.

And do you know how I take my coffee? Very, very seriously, so if you are curious whether Pure Origin tastes as good as it sounds, you can find solace in the fact that LittlePinkTop has already tasted their coffee from Peru, Congo, and Colombia (courtesy of the brand).

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  • If you prefer a light roast with nutty notes and subtle sweetness, try Pure Origin’s Peruvian coffee. It’s smooth, silky, and light without any bitter aftertaste. I found it to be mellow and inviting, a refreshing change from my usual black Americano.
  • For medium roast lovers, Pure Origin carries Colombian coffee. It has fruity hints that don’t come from artificial flavors but from the soil of the Huila region in Colombia. It was my favorite as it offered a rich coffee taste without being too strong or sending me into overdrive. It has a perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness, and its toasty notes made me want to cuddle up with a book at home, but the energy I received from drinking it, made me write this entire article instead.   
  • If you like your coffee strong, organic Congolese coffee with citrusy notes is picked and packaged just for you. It has a rich and almost smoky flavor with low acidity. It’s a perfect choice for coffee connoisseurs who love their coffee strong and bold. 

Pure Origin’s founding… sisters Victoria Kihnke and Amy Kihnke have described the brand as “a passion project,” and they’ve gone to great lengths “to give a voice to the grower’s sustainability efforts and connect the producer with the end consumer.”

The startup has even used augmented reality or “AR” technology to tell farmers’ stories and express their brand values. When you scan a QR code on the package, the featured grower becomes animated and tells a story about the origin of their beans.

What a creative idea! So, wherever your craving for coffee comes from – marriage preservation or just a pure love of the taste – you can now drink from an ethical and tasty cup that is pretty, pretty good!

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