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4 Ways to Purify Your Lifestyle or Environment


4 Ways to Purify Your Lifestyle or Environment

We humans can be fickle creatures. Is it too dry? Too humid? Too smelly? Not fragrant enough? Does your water taste weird? LittlePinkTop can’t afford to run lab tests to validate all of the product claims out there – this is a fashion blog, not sure where you think you are – but we can propose 4 different products that claim to purify your lifestyle or environment. Maybe they’ll help make everything just right for you!

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Faucet Filter from the Goodfor Company

Photo from The Goodfor Company

Recently, LittlePinkTop received a 5-Stage Faucet Filter courtesy of The Goodfor Company, which has, as you might have guessed, five filters for maximum effect. These are: PVA non-woven mesh (a kind of water-soluble functional non-woven fabric), alkaline balls, calcium sulfite, coconut shell activated carbon, and PVA non-woven mesh. Activated carbon is believed to filter out “all 12 identified herbicides, 14 pesticides, and 32 organic contaminants.” According to the company, this combo might even help filter out chlorine and “the toxins that may be lurking in your water.” 

The water in my area is particularly fresh and high-quality naturally, so it’s hard to determine what this might do if you live in a place where public utilities are seriously off. What I can tell you is that unlike other water filtering products that might take up a lot of counter space or be onerous to install, this little filter screws onto your tap easily. It’s small and discreet!

Aluratek Portable HEPA Air Purifier

Photo from Brookstone

Now that you’ve tweaked your tap, you might find yourself looking to counteract another environmental challenge — air quality. If you are allergic to dust or pollen, check out the Aluratek Portable HEPA Air Purifier. It’s said to filter out 99.7% of dust, allergens, smoke, pet dander, and odors. It has a replaceable 3-layer filter and an efficient “360-degree radial filtration design,” which allows it to clean and refresh personal spaces, cars, or cubicles.

It’s easy to use: just plug the device into a USB port on your computer, charging station, or battery charger with the included USB-C cable. It also has 3 modes: auto (the purifier will choose a fan speed based on the air quality surrounding the device), low fixed speed (in case you want your purifier to take it easy), or high fixed speed (make that thing work harder).

Anti-Gravity Ultrasonic Humidifier

Photo from Brookstone

You’ve probably noticed how the air can get dry in winter, and… winter is coming. Don’t worry, the humidifier above can help to take care of that issue. In addition, it has a very cool design: it utilizes anti-gravity technology since “the recirculation effect is realized by converting stream water into water droplets, and then separating into mist and releasing into the air.” Cool and functional, what can be better?

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Ventifresh UVC Plus Eco Odor Eliminator

Photo from Brookstone

Everybody knows you have to check in with your nose. No one wants to stink. Fortunately, LittlePinkTop will help you to sniff out a good deal. This small, portable and safe odor eliminator will do the job right: not by masking odors with chemicals, but by breaking them down. According to the product description on Brookstone, “the UV catalyst core inside VentiFresh ECO decomposes odors and germs through natural photosynthesis and produces clean air as a result.”

With the items above, you can adjust your lifestyle and environment to the exact way you like it. Yes, our ancestors used to tough it out in the caves, but with technology, we can all live like big, beautiful babies!

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