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4 Sophisticated Yet Relaxed Items to Entertain Holiday Guests


4 Sophisticated Yet Relaxed Items to Entertain Holiday Guests

It might have been a while since you had house guests over, so you might feel rusty. With the proper items on hand, entertaining can go a lot smoother – especially if you select items with the right balance of sophisticated yet relaxed. We all know that blue is a relaxing color, so LittlePinkTop found several classy items for entertaining guests with hints of blue. That way, you can dial up the festivities but dial down the stress of social pressures.

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Large Acacia Cheese Boards

Photo from Lynn & Liana Designs

Recently, LittlePinkTop received this lovely acacia cheese board courtesy of Lynn & Liana Designs, a family business based out of Manitoba, Canada. As business owner Melissa Funk stated, they got inspired by the opportunity to work with a plant-based resin material, made from recycled bioproducts, which combined beautifully with gorgeous hardwoods.

As explained on their website, each item they’ve produced, be it a charcuterie board or a coaster, is hand-poured and meticulously crafted, making everything one-of-a-kind. The cheese board LittlePinkTop received looks like a work of art and deserves to stay on your coffee table or counter even after all pieces of prosciutto, salami, crackers, and blue cheese are devoured.

These boards come in beautiful colors like Caribbean blue, emerald jewel, navy, or onyx, and would make a splendid holiday gift, as well!

Pheasant Round Birch Tray

Photo from Emma Bridgewater

Being a good host and entertaining at your place might be stressful, but a good Black Friday sale will probably bring you peace of mind. Besides, this beautiful blue round tray with a sophisticated pheasant design is now 25% off! 

Leiph Self-Heating Teapot Set

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Photo from Brookstone

If you are serving delicious cookies on the tray above, it’s a crime not to serve some tea. But it might be annoying to leave your party and go to the kitchen every time someone needs a fresh refill. The Leiph Teapot has figured it out: this elegantly simple ceramic teapot has a self-heating system. It can both brew and maintain the perfect temperature.

Iridescent Luster Large Radiance Wine Glasses In An Elegant Gift Box

Photo from Brookstone

But let’s be honest, the real fun starts with drinks a bit stronger than tea. So if you are looking for some sophisticated entertainment, consider this elegant set of wine glasses with a unique shimmer. The long stem keeps it classy, while the “complimenting pearlescent glimmer” of this “iridescent” set adds enchantment. Again, this would also make a lovely gift.

Whether you’re planning to host friends or family soon, or just looking to buy gifts for other people who are into that sort of thing while you binge-watch the “Harry Potter” series under the covers, this listicle could be helpful. Happy holidays and come back soon for more stylish recommendations!

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