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Shepherd of Sweden Boots Review


Shepherd of Sweden Boots Review

If you’re looking for minimalism, clean lines, and a blend of functionality with timeless sophistication, you’re probably already into Scandinavian aesthetics. Listen, there’s a reason why when you get lost in an IKEA, you’re not too worried about it – it’s orderly, it’s reassuring. You know there’s a plan in place, an intentional design. And worst case scenario? There are plenty of affordable Swedish meatballs with lingonberry jam and cream sauce. You’ll survive in that IKEA forever… Is this just me and my daydreams?

Anyway, today LittlePinkTop is here to tell you about another Scandinavian design that’s in a more elevated tier, with no assembly required. If you’re a fan of high-quality boots, slippers, sandals, homeware, and other well-made products, you may have already come across Shepherd of Sweden

It was established in Sweden in 1982, and has now entered the US market! Their Spring Collection showcases hybrid designs – shoes specifically designed for a seamless transition from the comfort of indoors to the adventures of the outdoors. 

Stefan Mårdh, the CEO, mentioned that the “hybrid shoe is taking over; Gen Z craves comfort and doesn’t care about categorization such as indoor and outdoor slippers. They want functionality, quality, and style – all in one package!” Mårdh explains, “This is what Scandinavian design is known for.” 

LittlePinkTop recently received their Amber boots, courtesy of the Scandinavian lifestyle company. If I had to describe them in two words, I would say… casual chic! Every single detail is carefully thought-through, even the box! 

These suede ankle boots are crafted from the finest warm and comfortable sheepskin, ensuring durability, warmth, and comfort. They also have a wide elastic on the sides, like typical Chelsea boots, which makes them elegant. The outer sole is made from rubber, which makes them practical as well.

Amber boots are true to the stated size, I found, and fit perfectly. Furthermore, the brand carries half sizes, which is really useful! Ordering footwear online only to find it doesn’t quite fit can leave you with a baaaahhh-d shopping experience (I was pretending to be a sheep) but that is certainly not the case here.

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These boots can easily be dressed up with a skirt, a cute blouse, and a cozy camel coat, or down with jeans and a casual snuggly sweater. You just need a cup of glögg to create your own little Scandinavian world. 

In addition to beautiful boots, sandals, and slippers for home,  Shepherd of Sweden carries blankets, cushions, rugs, and table settings so that you can fully commit to your little Scandinavia at home, even if you’re in Arizona.  

If you visit Shepherd of Sweden’s website right now, you’ll see more visual examples of the dedication to quality, comfort, and minimalism. It’s like a form of “quiet luxury” where you don’t need logos to project superb quality and timeless designs.

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