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What To Wear on a Date Night According to Victoria Beckham


What To Wear on a Date Night According to Victoria Beckham

During weeks of isolation and staying home, people realized how comfortable sweatpants and oversized hoodies were. We didn’t have to go out much and, therefore, didn’t have to dress up much. As convenient as that might sound, it’s not incredibly sexy. Pandemic is not a perfect time for date nights, though you can make it work with a little creativity. 

If you’re a reader of this site, you know that LittlePinkTop is all about finding different looks for different occasions. Only a limited number of occasions call for sweatpants. And even when they’re designer sweatpants, they’re still sad (maybe even sadder, because the splurging was misguided). So the end to “date night looks” is kind of a big deal for anyone who likes to style. Fashionistas everywhere went, noooooooooo!!

Still, Victoria Beckham brought the rendezvous home. And if you look at what she did but make it your own, you could spice up those boring nights in the house this winter.

Posh Spice sure does know how to do it like a pro.    

Victoria Beckham posted an Instagram picture of herself climbing the ladder in her kitchen, “sorting the kid’s snacks before date night…”

Victoria was wearing latex pants and high heels in the photo and felt empowered because of it. Her caption also said: “Domestic goddesses wear plastic pants!”

It seems like Victoria would have happily become a member of The Plastics… but Spice Girls started in 1994 and “Mean Girls” came out in 2004; she was ten years late!

We all love going to restaurants and bars and socializing with real people, not just computer screens. But we can bring some fun home, dress up, turn a living room into a lounge, and have a good time indoors! And Victoria Beckham is showing us the way.

This is precisely what she did. She concluded her photo caption with “can’t wait to see what you’re wearing @davidbeckham 😂 #sexpants.” To which her husband replied in the comments: “No photo credit 🤔 @victoriabeckham 🤔”

Fans loved this cute husband-wife interaction. Victoria’s salespeople loved it, too, as it might have resulted in a sales boost. Victoria was wearing latex pants from her own line: “High-waisted Slim Trouser in Black.”

Posh Spice is a queen of marketing, as revealed in her hashtagging strategies. She called those pants #sexpants. I’m not making claims that latex pants will improve or change your sex life, but they undeniably look hotter than those quarantine sweatpants or pajama set you’ve been wearing on repeat.  

As NET-A-PORTER’s fashion director Kay Barron suggested, “it’s heartening to see that many people haven’t let their personal standards slip…” She said that dressing up is essential for mental health and maybe even work performance. So, allow yourself to look great, even if you don’t leave the house. 

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“The idea of dressing from the waist up (for video calls) is lost on me. Just get fully dressed. Half-business, half-sloven is the kind of half-baked styling that would result in total half-baked thinking on my part,” said Kay Barron.  

Want to look glammed up? Get those vinyl pants already. Or don’t, because there is one “but” here. The original Victoria Beckham latex pants cost $790, and not everyone can afford to bring thaaaaat much sexy home, maybe only Justin Timberlake. 

If you would still like to get a pair like that but are not willing to spend that much because you don’t have an oil well on your property, here are some cheaper options. Why? Because as Beckham’s marketing team put it: “Every modern wardrobe requires a slim-fit trouser, and this pair features both a flattering, high waist and leg-elongating silhouette.”

You can get vinyl legging from Zara for less than $40. They have an elastic waistband and hidden in-seam side zippers at the hem, which is great because it’s not easy to actually put on latex anything. If you have seen Kim trying to do just that, you know what I mean. 

You can opt out for straight fit vinyl faux leather from River Island if the objective is to fit into your pants without all that difficulty. They also cost eight times less than designer ones. 

Whether or not you are creating a sexy look, it’s important to dress up. Even if you don’t leave the house and you don’t have anyone to admire your house looks, dress up even for yourself. It will boost your mood, your day, and even your self-esteem. Make it a tradition, just like Victoria Beckham does.

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