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An Office Look For Plus-Size Women


An Office Look For Plus-Size Women

If you’re shopping for office clothing that would look great on a curvy body type, LittlePinkTop has curated an outfit just for you! First, let’s take in the total look, then we’ll explain the choices.

(Disclosure: The look below was carefully picked from affiliate partners, which means we might earn a commission if you buy something through our links.)  

Photo from Ulla Popken
Photo from Karen Kane
Photo from Vivaia
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The checked blazer above has a single button closure that visually creates an appearance of “peplum,” which according to many plus-size fashion influencers can be flattering since it enhances the chest and defines the waist. Besides, it has a simple yet sophisticated silhouette that never goes out of style and will be a good office wardrobe investment for years to come. And you might need to throw on a blazer even in the summer because, believe it or not, the AC setup is decades-old and reportedly “based on a 40-year-old man weighing about 154 pounds.”      

The wrap dress selected above will also define your waist in a potentially flattering way. What’s more, it comes in a solid black color that creates a slimming effect if this is what you are trying to achieve. Pairing a black dress with a black-and-white checked blazer is a good and reliable styling technique. 

You can lengthen your legs and overall silhouette with a pair of pointed shoes, such as those featured above. Notice how the pointed toe matches the blazer!

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Finally, the black office bag above looks sleek and professional, completing your look. Now it’s time to awe the boardroom with an awesome presentation! If your job involves presentations, that is… and hey, even if not, fortune favors the bold. But just in case you haven’t made your fortune just yet, you might be interested in the following special deal from Vivaia, the shoe brand: If you buy 2, you’ll get 10% off. Just click the banner below.

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