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How to Dress Like Alyah Chanelle Scott from ‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’


How to Dress Like Alyah Chanelle Scott from ‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’

If you’re a fan of the HBO comedy-drama “The Sex Lives of College Girls,” and you’re looking to score some fashion goals, look no further than actress Alyah Chanelle Scott, who plays the talented soccer player Whitney Chase in the series. As fashionistas know, a deliberate style can help you win at the game of life. Alyah’s style is the perfect combination of chill yet striking, and she’s known for effortlessly pulling off patchwork jackets – the ultimate bohemian statement piece.

Patchwork jackets, depending on their exact design details, could be considered bohemian or “boho,” especially if they include colorful patterns or electric materials with free-spirited and artsy vibes.

But don’t just take our word for it – let’s learn from her December Instagram post:

Alyah wore a striking quilted patchwork jacket, which she chose to style with a simple black shirt, a pair of relaxed black cargo pants, a black tote from Marc Jacobs, and the Blazer Low ’77 Sneakers from Nike.

You don’t need to be a college girl with a sizzling sex life to pull off a creative look like that, just the will to win. The truth is we all have fashion-related self-doubts and strengths. Alyah herself had to learn to take risks and trust her gut when it comes to fashion. As she shared in a Teen Vogue interview, she no longer feels like she has to look or be a certain way, “especially in comparison to my white peers and what they are doing,” she explained.

Alyah continued, “I’m now trying to feel more comfortable and confident with my body and with who I am. That includes wearing what feels good on the day. If that is sweats, then I’ll wear sweats. If that’s a low body con dress, then that’s what I’ll wear.” 

So, if Alyah’s style is what feels good to you today, don’t sweat it – you can easily create an outfit similar to the one above. If you’re unsure where to begin, LittlePinkTop has already curated a similar look to guide you!

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It’s pretty difficult to find the exact same patchwork jacket as Alyah’s because they come in various creative and versatile designs. So the more important stylistic goal is to decide whether you want to create a chill boho vibe or something more on the elegant side. The preppy yet funky blazer above comes in a check patchwork and will propel you right to Essex college. You may or may not need a mom who is a member of Congress to look out for your non-style-related interests (show reference).

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If a simple black T-shirt is not enough for your fashion needs, you might want to consider something more glamorous, like a T-shirt with a sparkly “Babe” embellished on it.

If you want to counterbalance the preppy jacket and glamorous shirt with something more casual, just like Alyah, you could wear a pair of casual paper bag pants. This type of high-waisted pants has pleats that cinch at the waist and are held in place with a tie or belt. The extra fabric at the top of the pants gathers around the waistline and shows above the belt. 

Furthermore, the gold shimmer from the sneakers above (rival Adidas, not the Nikes) would help your whole look to shine. To complete the outfit, you might want to consider the exact same tote Alyah had in her Instagram pic (or any other tote you already happen to own). Moreover, if you want to fully embrace the preppy college look, you can do so by picking the right accessories, like a pair of black frames and dainty diamond hoop earrings, similar to the ones Alyah was wearing.  

So, as you can see, with an inventive jacket and complementary items, you too can dress chill, yet striking, like Alyah Chanelle Scott. And you’ll come out victorious in the fashion World Cup!

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