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How to Style a Faux Fur-Trimmed Jacket Like Olivia Rodrigo


How to Style a Faux Fur-Trimmed Jacket Like Olivia Rodrigo

If you’re one of “the Livies,” a.k.a. a fan of singer-songwriter and actress Olivia Rodrigo, you’ve probably noticed that faux fur-trimmed jackets have a recurring role in her creative Instagram posts. And if you want to draw inspiration from her style, adding the singer’s go-to jacket to your wardrobe might be “good 4 u,” to quote her hit song.

This type of jacket has fur, real or not, at the collar and cuffs, which can add a touch of glamor to a casual outfit, or make a formal look a little edgier. So, whether you’re looking to dress up or down, there are many ways to style this type of jacket. Excited? Whenever you’re ready to create a casual, bohemian, or feminine outfit, just like the teen pop sensation, read on!

The Casual Look

One of the easiest ways to style a faux fur-trimmed jacket is to pair it with jeans and a graphic tee. This creates a casual yet stylish look.

In a November 2021 Instagram post, Olivia wore a black pleather jacket with fluffy faux fur on the collar, cuffs, and center front, which she paired with blue jeans and a black graphic tee featuring a retro car. Does the flame pattern on the car speeding along a highway make it obvious enough that this is a hot look that will have your crush’s heart racing?

If you are looking for a similar option, check out this short black coat, which contains both vegan leather and a removable faux-fur collar for the environmentally-concerned:

Photo from ModCloth

If you prefer something longer and shinier, a black vinyl coat with a faux fur trim is the way to go.

Photo from PrettyLittleThing

The Bohemian Look

If you want to stand out in the crowd, go for brighter colors or a jacket with eye-catching textures, or both!

In a March 2022 Instagram post, Olivia wore an olive suede jacket with Mongolian fur at the collar and cuffs. This type of fur is curly and fuzzy, which creates a bohemian vibe. 

Photo from Zappos

The jacket above has similar aesthetics but comes in a darker color – a rich olive hue. In addition to the faux fur shawl collar and cuffs, it has faux fur in the pockets and hemline.

The Feminine Look

You could wear a faux fur-trimmed jacket over a dress or skirt. This creates a chic and feminine look that is perfect for a date night or any special occasion. For example, Olivia wore an ivory jacket with a light brown fur collar and cuffs over a pink flowy dress out to a retro arcade in autumn of last year.

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The look turned out very delicate, glamorous, and nostalgic, in LittlePinkTop’s opinion, with the jacket adding some audacity.

If you want to create a similar look to the one above, check out this light khaki jacket with off-white fur:

Photo from Zappos

You should always be mindful of proportions. If you pair your fur-trimmed coat with a long dress or skirt, make sure the skirt doesn’t make the outfit busy or disproportionate. For example, in the Pinterest photo below, a voluminous sequin dress sticks out from a tailored coat in a way that looks incohesive, both in terms of color and fit, in LittlePinkTop’s opinion (even though the Pinterest user who posted it felt differently):

Listen, style doesn’t always come intuitively. When Olivia Rodrigo was 14 years old, she tried to figure out her personal image and brand but struggled, as she shared in a GQ interview. “It was not fun,” she recalled. “I just remember being 14 years old and being like, ‘I literally have no idea who I am. I don’t know what my personal style is. I don’t know what I like. I don’t know who my true friends are. How am I expected to cultivate an image?’”

Even though she’s since risen to fame, with nearly 30 million followers checking out her Instagram account, she freely admitted, “Even now, I have no idea. I try, but my image today is not going to be the image that I’ll probably like tomorrow. And I think that’s also the fun part of being an artist, that you get to create images that evolve over time. But as a young girl, that was really daunting to me.”

So, maybe today, you’ll use a faux fur-trimmed jacket to create a casual look – but maybe tomorrow, you’ll want to try the more bohemian or feminine outfit options. And that’s OK. You’ll look at that dusty old item signifying last year’s style in your closet, reflecting on it with mixed emotions, and quote Olivia’s song “Drivers License”: “I know we weren’t perfect but I’ve never felt this way for no one.”

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