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Coffee and Wine Tamer Product Review


Coffee and Wine Tamer Product Review

Coffee lovers, this one’s for you! If you’ve been following LittlePinkTop for a while, you know about my love for coffee. You might have pieced this together between articles like “Spilling the Beans: Benefits of Drinking Coffee,” “Are Nespresso Vertuo Capsules by Starbucks Any Good?” and “Creative Uses for Coffee.” Recently, I got tempted by discounted espresso beans in a store. What could be better than a good bargain, right? Wrong! These beans turned out to be low-quality, and I quickly realized they gave me heartburn. Fortunately, LittlePinkTop received a product called “Coffee Tamer” for review. Curious if the product helped tame my heartburn? Read on!

Coffee Tamer Review

As we age, acidic food and beverages can lead to more digestive discomfort, heartburn, etc. This fact in itself might be discomforting… As a result, once beloved Buffalo chicken wings or even a morning cup of joe can turn into a… foe.

Therefore, a company out of the Seattle area came up with a powder meant to reduce acidity, called Coffee Tamer. Designed to neutralize up to 90% of the acids in coffee and other foods, the product doesn’t alter their taste or aroma.

Coffee Tamer is part of a family-owned portfolio that includes brands like CalciBlend and Wine Tamer. The company guarantees that all ingredients are 100% sourced in America and that all processing occurs within the USA.

After receiving the Coffee Tamer and Wine Tamer for review, I embarked on a kitchen counter experiment. I poured freshly made coffee into two separate espresso cups. I added a packet of Coffee Tamer to one of them. I then proceeded with the experiment, turning myself into a coffee-swigging guinea pig!

By the way, each packet contains 400mg of powder, and the instructions recommend adding one or two packets to your drink, either before or after brewing.

In my view, the Coffee Tamer didn’t change the taste or aroma of the coffee. Unfortunately, I don’t have a test lab to verify the scientific claims about reducing acidity up to 90%. So, my review relies on my own tastebuds and experience.

Wine Tamer Review

Sometimes, kicking off the weekend means kicking off those office shoes and settling in with a glass of wine. Last Friday’s experiment involved adding three drops of Wine Tamer to my glass. I was pleased to discover on the brand’s website that these drops are free of sugar, fat, gluten, lactose, calories, dyes, or preservatives. The brand suggests adding three drops per 5 oz. glass, which means that one Wine Tamer bottle provides 100 servings – a lot more than you might expect from its size!

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After sipping my red wine, I noticed that its taste and fruity fragrance remained unchanged. Honestly, though, it was a cheaper bottle, and I secretly hoped the Wine Tamer might enhance it somehow… 

On the bright side, I didn’t notice any heartburn after drinking beverages containing the Coffee or Wine Tamer. Maybe it’s because these products are effective or, in the case of the latter, I was simply more relaxed after enjoying the wine.  

Whenever you’re entertaining guests, maybe let them know if you’re planning to add Coffee Tamer powder or Wine Tamer drops to their drinks. You know, so that they know you’re not up to something. We want to avoid a “Game of Thrones” type of situation where someone accuses you of being the Kingslayer.

And there you have it. Now you know that if you have digestive issues, there is a product out there that might help.

And if you want to buy high-quality coffee beans that make delicious coffee, check out Pure Origin, LittlePinkTop’s affiliate partner, since they have a great selection of quality coffee from around the world!

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