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Wait, so is a Cardigan Prudish or Sexy???


Wait, so is a Cardigan Prudish or Sexy???

A cardigan is a type of warm, knitted garment, traditionally made of wool, with an open front that can be buttoned up. If you think that cardigans look a tad prudish, like something an older, conservative woman might wear while reading a good book, you’re not entirely wrong. That’s sometimes the case. But here’s the thing. If you think of the cardigan as a sexy piece of attire, you’re not wrong either. It really can be both. And that’s why we’re living in the middle of a cardigan craze!

Many articles have been written about this sexy cardigan look. Sometimes, the article of clothing is simply referred to as a “cardi.” Cardi B’s name is a derivation of Bacardi but I think even Cardi would look great in a cardi.

Kaia Gerber, Bella Hadid, Chiara Ferragni and Kendall Jenner have all been spotted wearing cardigans, looking sexy as ever. Their main trick is simple: They show off some skin.

In Paris, Bella stepped out with her charming smile and a smoldering yet casual look. She only fastened the top button of her mustard-colored cardigan, leaving the rest to flap open, showing off her slim figure, leopard-print belt, and relaxed mom jeans.

If you want to join this new cardi clique, just be a boarding school bad girl and purposefully forget to fasten some buttons! You’ll be in good company. Katie Holmes is a prominent member of the clique… 

In fact, she went viral when the paparazzi snapped an image of her hailing a New York cab, with a fisherman-ribbed sweater mostly open, offering up a glimpse of her bare shoulder, as well as a barley-colored, luxurious, cashmere bralette. It looked soft and Holmes seemed both comfortable and confident while wearing it. She confirmed as much when Vogue asked her about the widely-shared look.

Referencing the designer, Khaite, she said, “It was very comfortable and easy and I think they do such a good job with creating beautiful luxury items.”

The price tag is $520 USD, but for Holmes, it was totally worth it.

She explained, “They are very accessible and classic so you can have it for a long time, and I like to shop that way. I’m not always buying new stuff and I can wear it again.”

I hope she will wear it again. It looks provocative, unconventional, and simply stunning. 

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If you are more of a prudish girl (there’s nothing wrong with that) and not as comfortable with showing off your assets, you can still go for a cardigan and a tank top.

Rihanna did this recently. She was seen hopping out of her chauffeured ride with a cream-colored and form-fitting top underneath a knotted, loose cardigan. Her chosen cardi is familiar to anyone who paid close attention to the runway reveal of the Michael Kors Fall 2019 ready-to-wear collection. Its asymmetric style made it particularly interesting. Just pair that cardi with blue jeans and you’ll be ready to go out and conquer… yet you’ll still feel super cozy!

But you might not even need to go out shopping. Afterall, not everyone can drop over 500 bucks on a sweater and cozy lingerie. You might have the perfect cardigan buried somewhere in the back of your closet. Maybe you thought you’d never touch it again. Maybe it was a hand-me-down from your grandma. Well, time to give it a second life!

You can button it up in the office to look professional. If you decide to go for drinks with the gals after work and don’t want to look too conservative or boring, just unbutton a button or two… It’s a great way to feel sexy, cozy, and free.

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