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Dress Types for Curvy Girls


Dress Types for Curvy Girls

Even though the term “fashion hacks” might deserve a bit of an eye-roll (it’s clothes, not computers), the truth is that sometimes you can majorly transform your look and your confidence level, just by finding a few, amazing items that fit you just right. So much of styling is about the fit.

Just remember: you’re beautiful. And you should always go with whatever feels right to you, because you’re you. Only you can know what feels great and authentic.

With that part made clear, LittlePinkTop is here to help with styling ideas!

This article will cover dress types that tend to look great on curvier body types. If that’s you, and you’re open to some ideas, read on…

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So, where to begin? Let’s start with some basics.

You might choose to accentuate your waist with dresses in A-lines or empire cut. If you emphasize a high waist, your upper body will appear longer overall. 

Skirts and dresses in midi-length are best for conjuring up slimmer-looking thighs.

Now let’s look at some dresses. It’s time to get this shopping day started! 

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Paris, ditch the attitude, I need big energy from you because some major stylistic transformation is about to happen.

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There are several styles of dresses that will look particularly good for a thicker waist and hips. Among the best options are peasant-style dresses, flowy dresses, wrap dresses, and flapper dresses.

And if you’re wondering about the length: midi and maxi dresses would look the most flattering.

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Peasant style dress

Many peasant-style dresses have an empire waist. It means that the waist is under the bustline, complementing it nicely and the rest of the fabric freely falls down, covering anything that you might feel insecure about. 

The empire waist dresses have that beautiful slimming and elongating effect. It’s perfect if you want to redirect attention from the waist and/or hips to your bust. And if you pick a dress with a softly gathered bodice, it will make your breasts look more prominent.

Ashley Graham, an American model and television presenter, looked stunning in a peasant-style dress for her Vogue photo shoot. This pumpkin orange dress put the spotlight on her bust. The rest of the body was draped loosely in voluminous fabric.

The photoshoot took place before Ashley gave birth to her baby boy. So, she humorously remarked in her Instagram post that she was “practicing being a hard working milk maid 🐄 before I was an actual milk maid.”

Flowy dress 

Flowy dresses will provide you with ease of movement. You won’t keep thinking about having to pull or tug anything, which will only add to your self-confidence. 

If it has a split on the side, even better. You will be able to show some leg. In addition, V-neck flowy dresses will emphasize your neck area.

La’Tecia Thomas, an Australian body-positive model, influencer, and fashion creator, has said that she always admired the style of her grandmother, who always wore dresses. The model admits that her own personal style is constantly changing. Still, she feels most confident and comfortable when wearing a beautiful dress that subtly highlights her curves.

If you go for a ruched sleeve flowy dress like that, you will look stunning, too! 

Wrap dresses

Kristal Heredia describes herself as a Latina digital entrepreneur, self-love and body positivity activist. And she doesn’t keep her styling techniques under wraps! We are taking the wraps off her simple hack: wrap dress!  

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A classic wrap dress is a super versatile choice. It’s appropriate for any type of occasion: a professional setting, brunch with your friends, date night, or even church on Sunday. Make sure to tighten the wraps closer to the bustline if you want to create a slimming effect.

Let’s wrap this section up with this cute look by Kristal!

Drop waist dress 

A drop waist dress is known for its silhouette; it’s something where the waistline is dropped closer to the top of your hips, which lengthens the impression of your torso.

This type of dress is very liberating, comfortable, and breathable.

Maybe pick one that has some embellishment at the neckline to add some character. A ruffled drop-waist skirt might add some character, and will look charming.

A drop waist dress that comes with a waist sash will hug your hips and create some breeze around the waist. 

You can also find a dress in a trapeze shape that doesn’t have a waistline at all. It will fall gently from under the armpit and won’t cling to any part of your body. Actually, LittlePinkTop featured one of these dresses in this other article

Finding something that sparks joy, within these dress types, will increase your chances of pulling off an amazing style.

You might want to avoid tight mini dresses, smocked waist dresses, and sheath dresses.

But whatever looks good on you… is good! Remember, these are just ideas to play around with before your next shopping trip (be it physical or virtual).

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