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How To Be Confident in Black Like Snejana Onopka


How To Be Confident in Black Like Snejana Onopka

If you are closely following the world of fashion and await the cover of each Vogue with great anticipation, you might have noticed Ukrainian supermodel Snejana Onopka before. Snejana, who considers modeling to be her childhood dream come true, was a cover girl for Vogue in addition to Numéro and Harper’s Bazaar

Snejana often shares her outfits on Instagram, and if you check out her page, you might notice a pattern: she loves black and looks super confident when wearing total black outfits! So, if that’s what you are going for, get inspired by this Ukrainian supermodel! In case you need a little help in deconstructing what makes Snejana’s looks pop, LittlePinkTop is here to point out these techniques.

A Simple Black Sweater

A little trick for blondes out there: if you want your hair to stand out, wear a simple black sweater. But not to look too boring, accessorize! Like Snejana does in the Instagram post above, you could go for pearl earrings, big rings, and a flashy watch. Or, are you feeling a little more chill?

For a more relaxed look, pair your black sweater with blue jeans and to make the look pop, you could even go for cowgirl boots. That’s what Snejana did in the Instagram post above. She’s keeping skinny jeans in style, and her boots stand out due to their cognac color and fringe detailing. Plus, Snejana is perched on a park railing, posing in supermodel sunglasses while snacking on a McDonald’s French fry… and isn’t that just the ultimate lifestyle flex? 

Black Suit Jacket / Blazer + Sexy

Previously on LittlePinkTop, we discussed how Samantha Jones from “Sex and the City” uses power suits to feel empowered and keeps it sexy by showing some cleavage. We don’t know where Snejana learned this trick, but she definitely uses it to her advantage in the Instagram post above, where she also credits a Ukrainian photographer, stylist, and makeup artist! In most real world situations, of course, we can’t walk around with a suit jacket unbuttoned all the way and nothing underneath it, but as we’ve established, Snejana Onopka is a supermodel, so she gets to do that. And also eat French fries in moderation.

Black Biker Jacket + Shades 

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If you want to feel extra confident, equip yourself with black sunglasses, which will also give you a little incognito vibe. You can then slip on a black biker jacket, like Snejana did in the post above, to make the energy even bolder and more confident.

Black One-Piece Swimming Suit

And if you are heading to the beach, consider a black one-piece swimsuit. In the post above, Snejana picked a deep V-neck one-piece that, true to her style, looked sexy and provocative. And while clothes can definitely influence mood and make you feel more confident, you should also remember that confidence starts from within.

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