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The Best ‘Legally Blonde’-Style Accessories


The Best ‘Legally Blonde’-Style Accessories

This fashion-focused publication is called “,” and if we can’t have fun with that branding or fashion in general, then what’s the point? In this article, we’ll look at the best “Legally Blonde”-style accessories!

You might share the same fashion principles as Elle Woods: “Whoever said orange is the new pink was seriously disturbed.” Technically, LittlePinkTop has gotten behind orange colorways before, including an orange bodycon dress and orange in autumn, especially paired with brown, but never mind that for now. We’re all in on pink!

Also, affordability! None of the following pink accessories are priced over $40 (at the current time, prices may change).

As usual, if you buy something using our links, LittlePinkTop may earn a commission.

Mybevi 20 Oz. Hollywood Sport Hydration Bottle

Photo from MyBevi

MyBevi, a company that was established “as one of the first vendors in the travel drinkware industry,” sent LittlePinkTop a dazzling pink bottle from their “Hollywood” collection. As you can see, it fits right into the Elle Woods aesthetic!

The pink Hollywood Sport Hydration bottle is also practical — it’s vacuum-insulated and has two walls of stainless steel that keep your cold drinks chilled. One of the happy customers commented on their website that “it has kept ice for over 20 hours without melting.” If you want to stay hydrated on your walk, you can easily hold it with the built-in carry handle. 

Matt & Nat Met Purity

Photo from Zappos

This little pink bag from Matt & Nat isn’t equipped to carry your legal case papers, but you can take all your essentials like credit cards, cell phone, keys, etc, and head out in style.

It’s a perfect addition to the MyBevi water bottle, both in cuteness and convenience. Besides, right now it’s on sale and you can get it for $38.89 instead of $95! 

Remember, if you drop either item, just bend… and snap!

Nina Frames from GlassesShop

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Photo from GlassesShop

If you want to look chic and extra cute, add glasses to your look. You can get pink frames with purple tortoise temples from GlassesShop. They have a retro vibe, so you’ll be able to create various artsy looks in an effortless way with these frames. 

Foreo Issa™ 2 Electric Sonic Toothbrush – Pearl Pink

Photo from SkinStore

There’s nothing cute about pretending to be Elle Woods and then blasting the jury with bad breath during your opening statement. They could sue YOU for that (not really, but as I’ve established I learned law from “Legally Blonde,” so why are you surprised).

You can proactively solve that embarrassment in that situation that probably doesn’t apply to you by adding a pink, USB-chargeable electric toothbrush to your virtual shopping cart! More realistically, this is just a good way to keep your smile beautiful.

So, now that we’ve found our fabulous pink accessories, you can stay stylish, well-organized, hydrated, and hygienic! You’re totally ready for Harvard Law School! (There may also be some admissions requirements.)

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