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Dress Your Kid Relaxed but Fancy, with Mercurii Baby


Dress Your Kid Relaxed but Fancy, with Mercurii Baby

When it comes to kids, we want to give our precious little ones the best fashion finds, but it doesn’t mean that you should go all the way to Mercury to get it. Instead, you can just go to the website of Mercurii Baby, a brand that offers high-quality baby clothes made of certified organic fabrics. Their website states that all their items meet the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) as well as other industry standards. In addition to that quality, their pieces are also incredibly soft!

LittlePinkTop knows because Mercurii recently sent over their 100% Organic Muslin Cotton Dress Shirt and 100% Organic Cotton Tee. My nephew (our kids’ clothes tester) especially loved the dress shirt. He looked like a little businessman but wasn’t boxed into uncomfortable grown-up clothes. 

So, we’ve decided to go all in on the “little gentleman” look without losing the desired snuggly feeling. Check out LittlePinkTop’s styling suggestions below!

Photo from Mercurii Baby
Photo from Zappos
Photo from Zappos
Photo from Zappos

Yellow/blue is always a winning color combination. That’s why LittlePinkTop picked a cute preppy cardigan in navy to go along with the yellowish dress shirt. The dark navy of those pants is so cute and well-complemented by the loafers, which come in a shade described as “Jeans Everest.” Together with the dress shirt and little combed cotton V-neck cardigan, your kid will seem like he just made a tidy profit on the stock market (the kids’ version of the stock market, that is – meaning Pokémon cards).

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And there you have it, some adorable fashion finds that did not require interstellar travel, just a trip over to Mercurii Baby’s website!

Explore the LittlePinkTop fashion section for more outfit inspiration! If you haven’t already, sign up for a LittlePinkTop membership to get even more exclusive or personalized fashion advice.

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