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How to Style a Leopard Print Blouse


How to Style a Leopard Print Blouse

The lion might be king of the jungle, but it’s the leopard, a.k.a. the queen of wild patterns, who’s been ruling the fashion scene for decades now and shows no signs of slowing down. As LittlePinkTop shared previously, leopard prints recently became a way to signal support for Ukraine. So, let’s prowl on ahead into styling territory and pounce on the best designs!

Despite being a bold, popular print, the leopard print might still feel controversial and difficult to style. And because a blouse with such a design is an automatic statement piece, it could clash with other patterns. Sometimes, it might look tacky, even absurd.

So, what are some purr-fect ways to style a leopard print blouse?

Keep it simple with black pants

For a simple yet chic look, pair a leopard print blouse with a pair of classy black pants. If you love comfort, wear black ballet flats or loafers. But if you want a sexier look, you could draw inspiration from Kourtney Kardashian.

As she demonstrated in a photo from 2019, she is not only into leopard tops, but leopard print furniture, which is apparently a part of her office aesthetics. Kourtney, who was splayed out on the leopard print sofa captioned the photo, “Got to the office early this morning.”

Kourtney wore black dress pants and black heels that added a final touch to the leopard top/furniture combo. The look, and her posing, seemed very provocative – almost like she was trying to keep up with the other Kardashians!

So, why might this combo work for you if you’re not a Kardashian and not trying to keep up with them? Heck, you may even be actively trying to distance yourself from them.

The leopard print is a bold, captivating pattern that exudes confidence – a statement piece all on its own – so you want to make sure that the rest of your outfit doesn’t compete with it. Black pants provide a neutral color that won’t clash with the print, and will even help to balance out the outfit. Secondly, black is an enduring and universal shade that goes with everything. Black pants will help to ground your outfit.

Counterbalance with a solid color skirt

A leopard print blouse can easily be dressed up with a skirt, preferably of a solid color like black or beige. Why? The solid color will help counterbalance the bold print of the blouse, creating a more harmonious outfit.

Karla Welch, stylist for actress America Ferrera, shared a photo to her Instagram in which America was styled in a leopard print blouse with a distinct caramel color. Welch had this paired with a pleated faux leather skirt. Balloon sleeves and black-heeled shoes also came together to create a very feminine outfit.

I recently styled my leopard print blouse in a similar way…

This can be a fierce combo. Grrrrrr! This combo can be appropriate for a professional or business casual setting, since the solid color skirt keeps you looking polished and put-together, while the leopard print exudes personality and confidence. Overall, you’ll have clothes that are balanced, versatile, and trendy.

Layer under a blazer

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Speaking of professional or business casual settings, you could also layer your leopard print blouse under a blazer to achieve something a little more chic and sophisticated, yet still edgy.

When you’re trying to decide on your blazer, LittlePinkTop recommends going for a classic and tailored silhouette. A black blazer is always a safe choice, but if you don’t have that option in your closet and don’t want to shop during this crazy inflation, you could go for a neutral color, such as navy or grey.

As much as you might love this bold print, there are some fashion traps you should avoid. For example, when wearing leopard print, it might be wise not to style it with other bold patterns like zebra, paisley, or florals.

Also, consider where you are going because, in some more conservative settings, a leopard print could be perceived as inappropriate.

I’m not sure where Kim Kardashian was heading out in the “CHEETAH GIRL 🐆” photo she posted a little while ago, where she blended in almost completely with a matching wallpaper, but I really wouldn’t recommend opting for a total leopard outfit!

I decided to dress up and style my ivory leopard print blouse with a pleated pleather skirt in black. This way, the focal point was the blouse, and it’s not clashing with anything else. 

But maybe Kim knows something I don’t. Did you know that some cultures consider leopards divine? The Egyptian goddess of writing and wisdom, Seshat, and Dionysus, the god of wine and frolic, were often depicted riding or running with a leopard

In conclusion, whether you want to look extravagant, sassy or wild, the leopard print is there for you, and so is LittlePinkTop.

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