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A Guide to Stylish Hats for Men


A Guide to Stylish Hats for Men

According to George Costanza from Seinfeld, stylish hats can be very opportune for balding men. Reflecting on the peak popularity of hats in the ’20s and ’30s, Costanza remarked, “What a bald paradise that must have been. Nobody knew!”

So, whether your political ideology involves bringing back the “bald paradise,” or you simply want to enhance your look from time to time, here’s a guide to some of the different types of stylish hats for men, with examples from some of LittlePinkTop’s affiliate partners.

The Fedora

A timeless classic, the fedora channels the charm and sophistication of the period that George Costanza wistfully longed for. Perfect for pairing with a tailored suit, it’s a style that truly never goes wrong. But remember that you’d need to dress up if you’re wearing this type of hat, like an opportunistic character in the picture above because it would look out of place if you paired it with casual clothes.

If you don’t recognize “Lucky” Luciano, you probably haven’t watched the period crime drama series “Boardwalk Empire,” set during the Prohibition era. Yeah, George Costanza forgot that the “bold paradise” times coincided with strict “no alcohol” days, so it wasn’t quite Eden.

The Trilby

A cousin to the fedora, a trilby is a narrow-brimmed type of hat. In fact, it was once viewed as the favorite hat of rich men, which is not surprising. Other main characters of “Boardwalk Empire” like Nucky Thompson (in the picture above) or Arnold Rothstein, his sometimes business partner, sometimes rival in bootlegging operations, seem to prefer the trilby. That being said, the characters in the show were hiding more than bald spots, if you know what I mean. 

The Newsboy Cap

The newsboy cap wasn’t admired by the rich in the ’20s, but rather associated with boys delivering newspapers, hence the name. According to Wikipedia: “A great many photographs of the period show these caps worn not only by newsboys, but by dockworkers, high steel workers, shipwrights, costermongers, farmers, beggars, bandits, artisans, and tradesmen of many types.” In “Boardwalk Empire,” it’s interesting to see their depiction of Al Capone’s character transformation. While he was rising in the ranks of the criminal underworld, his style upgraded as well and he went from wearing a newsboy cap to a trilby!

Today, men wear this type of hat if they’re hiding something, like George Costanza, or want to add an artistic vibe to their look, like Johnny Depp, or want to go incognito, like Leonardo DiCaprio

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The Panama Hat

For those looking to channel their inner beach vibe or switch their trilby to something lighter, the Panama hat provides a relaxed yet refined appearance. Perfect for vacations or summer outings and linen attire, it’s a style that embodies leisurely elegance. Besides, it’s an excellent choice for warmer climates. Even Nucky Thompson switched to a Panama hat when he went to Cuba towards the end of the series to look into rum opportunities.

The journey of finding the perfect hat may be filled with George Costanza’s doubts and dilemmas, but at the end of your journey, you just might discover a timeless accessory that enhances your individuality and flair. Hats aren’t just a way to hide your balding head… they’re a way to make a statement, a nod to history, and a tip of the hat to personal expression.

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