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Why Double Cleansing is a Skincare Game-Changer


Why Double Cleansing is a Skincare Game-Changer

If you think that Zoom is making you insecure, remember that it’s just the high-tech version of a mirror. Mirrors have been making us all self-conscious as far back as the 5th century BC, according to The Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology & the Ancient World at Brown University. How else do you explain the Wicked Queen and her “mirror, mirror, on the wall” obsession? The Grimm brothers already documented this phenomenon in a fairytale! 

Whether it’s Zoom or a mirror that’s been messing with you, the fact is that 38% of Americans are self-conscious about their skin, according to an Advanced Dermatology survey.

If you’re looking for an approach to skincare that tends to work for a lot of people, maybe consider two-step cleansing? Hailey Bieber shared with Allure Magazine that she has added double cleansing to her skincare routine, and doing so improved her skin. “Double cleansing has really been a big game-changer for me,” said the American model and socialite.   

Double cleansing helps to thoroughly clean the skin, which can prevent breakouts, blackheads, and other skin problems. It’s especially helpful for people who wear heavy makeup or use waterproof sunscreen, as these products might not be easily removed with a single cleanser.

Figgi carries step 1 and 2 of the double cleanse along with a day and night cream for sensitive, dull-looking skin. They sent their products to LittlePinkTop for review.  

Photo from Figgi

I like that Figgi carries only these four products, since this can be a sign that a new brand has really focused on targeting specific needs. I also loved that Figgi has two steps in cleansing because, as a cosmetologist recently told me, it’s generally advisable to double cleanse your skin in the evening. First, with an oil cleanser, because it breaks down the sunscreen and keeps pores from clogging, and then you just follow that up with a foam or gel cleanser to wash off any remaining grease, sweat, etc.

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The night and day creams from Figgi have a slightly heavier texture, which nourishes dry skin well, and I noticed that my skin felt smoother in the morning, too. Normally, I prefer skincare products with a pleasant, fresh scent, like citrus or jasmine. Figgi’s products are odorless, which might be a plus as not everyone likes fragrant cosmetics. 

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In conclusion, there are a lot of great products you can try and skincare tips you can follow. So whether you’re a skincare newbie or a Hailey Bieber (Hailey, do you read LittlePinkTop?) you might want to give double cleansing a try. Your skin will thank you!

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