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Review of AMIRO L1 LED Light Therapy Facial Mask


Review of AMIRO L1 LED Light Therapy Facial Mask

Have you ever looked at a glowing celebrity and wished you could illuminate their skincare secrets? Well, what if that secret was light itself? Ever since LittlePinkTop reviewed the Kiierr cap that uses low-level light therapy to help with receding hairlines, we’ve wondered about LED treatments, which are often referred to as “photobiomodulation.” The basic idea involves stimulating living things into healing themselves. 

This intriguing research area was accidentally discovered in the 1960s by Endre Mester, a Hungarian physician, who noticed that laser light helped promote hair growth and wound healing in rats. Today, LED light therapy is popular in skincare regimens. LittlePinkTop knows you might be a bit skeptical. Of course, you can’t expect a website named “LittlePinkTop” to render a scientific judgment… but what we can do is help with your homework!

Facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Jaimie DeRosa says that red light helps smooth out wrinkles and boost collagen production, while yellow light helps with skin repair. Also, blue light is said to help eliminate acne-causing bacteria and reduce inflammation.

Dermatologist Dr. Engelman told Women’s Health that “LED light therapy is not an invasive treatment, and when done properly, the risks are minimal.” She advised people to look into LED mask products’ efficacy and clinical trials before purchasing any device. Dermatologist Azadeh Shirazi also pointed out that “it’s best to look for an FDA-cleared device with some peer review clinical data to back it up.” 

Dr. Engelman added that LED masks could be worn between 15 and 30 minutes a few times a week, but you should always check the instructions and recommended time of the manufacturer. 

Dermatologist Leah Ansell pointed out that those who are photosensitive or have connective tissue conditions should skip LED light therapy or do it with caution. In addition, there’s some concern about eye damage with these lights, so it’s a good idea to wear goggles. 

So, if you’ve considered all the benefits and risks and decided to try LED light treatment yourself, you might want to try the LED therapy mask by LittlePinkTop’s affiliate partner AMIRO.  

When LittlePinkTop received this futuristic-looking mask (courtesy of the brand), it made quite the first impression, looking almost like a prop from the Disney+ sci-fi series “The Mandalorian.” 

But real-world reviewers said this LED mask made their skin “noticeably brighter and clearer.”

AMIRO claims that you might start noticing changes in your skin’s appearance in 7 days by using it for 10 minutes daily. The brand urges, though, that “the accumulated phototherapy should not exceed 30 minutes a day.” And, as usual, before you start any low-level light therapy, it’s important to consult your doctor.

According to the brand, their four different light waves and three modes have the following benefits:

1. Anti-Acne Mode (Purple Light): For those pesky breakouts, this mode combines blue, red, and infrared light to target acne and help prevent it from returning. Unless you don’t watch your diet, and your one matcha macaron turns into two dozen.   

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2. Soothing Mode (Orange Light): This mode blends yellow, red, and infrared light that might provide a calming effect, promote healing, and reduce redness. 

3. Skin-Brightening Mode (Red Light): If you’re looking to boost your skin’s radiance, the red and infrared light in this mode might be worth exploring. 

At first, I personally found the mask to be slightly uncomfortable to wear because the built-in goggles that protect the eyes are a little tight. But as long as you don’t use it longer than 10 minutes, it could totally fit in at the end of your busy day, representing a ritual where you just sit there and relax. Just don’t forget to warn whoever is in the house with you that you’ll “treat yo self” as they might not expect to see the Mandalorian in real life! My husband was a little surprised. 

LED light therapy is an interesting realm of skincare science that continues to evolve. While we’ve explored some intriguing options today, it’s essential to conduct thorough research and, most importantly, consult with a healthcare professional before embarking on any new skincare regimen. 

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