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How To Build an Outfit Around a Little Pink Top This Spring or Summer


How To Build an Outfit Around a Little Pink Top This Spring or Summer

LittlePinkTop has extensively covered the personal styles of young stars like Anya Taylor-Joy, Sofia Wylie, Joey King, and Florence Pugh. And yet, surprisingly, LittlePinkTop has never curated a look around… a little pink top! How has this fashion oversight gone on for so long? It’s a total betrayal of the brand/domain name!

I mean, how have we covered ATV-appropriate menswear but not little pink tops? It’s time to take care of that sad statistic and create a fresh happy look where the pivotal piece is a pink top or even a pink polo. Are you nodding your head while saying “it’s about time”? Okay, okay, take it easy. Because LittlePinkTop is, after all, going to take it easy on your wallet:

This entire outfit, including accessories, comes in under $200 ($189.61, to be exact, pre-shipping/tax, with the current discounts).

The Pink Polo: $51.06

When your mind goes to the concept of smart-casual, you might find yourself imagining a polo shirt, which is a defining look of all-American, practical fashion. Polo shirts are also a defining feature of a slightly preppy style.

Photo from Zappos

The classic-fit pink polo recommended here is so neat and simple that it makes it almost sexy. The zipper closures and short sleeves make this polo breathable and suitable for those stuffy hot days. Besides, you can’t help but admire its delicate pink color. 

The Pants: $41.61 

Pink and white are always an excellent color combination… LittlePinkTop generally prefers off-white, which is a shade of white that is slightly grayish. This makes it richer and less prone to getting dirty. 

Photo from Zappos

Hence the above recommendation for these chalk (off-white) jeans. This pair provides a relaxed fit and they’re slightly chopped for maximum summer comfort, which also makes them breathable. They are high-rise and playfully flare down to the bottom.

The Shoes: $54.95

LittlePinkTop isn’t big on matching off-white pants with black shoes. Instead, try pairing them with white, light pink, or peach shoes. 

Photo from Zappos

These Chuck Taylors have a white option with red lining.

The Tote: $7

Match your canvas shoes with a bag made of canvas!

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Photo from Forever 21

This tote bag would be very practical, especially if you’re heading down to the beach. I bet you don’t want to worry about getting some sand in your bag. Well, even if you do, this Forever 21 tote can easily go in the washer.

The yin-yang graphic patch adds a creative vision to this tote and makes the look more creative. Moreover, this tote bag of natural color will go along well with the jeans and complement the shoes.   

The Earrings: $34.99 

If you are all about harmony, then why not pick yin-yang earrings, too?   

Photo from Zappos

Color-wise, these hook earrings match the polo shirt and echo the tote bag. 

These earrings look really delicate and creative. Hook earrings, by the way, refer mainly to the type of fastening where the hook is inserted into the earlobe and closed by a mechanical ear clip to prevent them from falling out. 

And you know what? Not a single extra penny will fall out of your pocket because just as LittlePinkTop promised, you now have a whole outfit that’s under $200.

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